CGMS problems

Do any of you have problems with CGMS staying in place while you ride? Because of that my reading go crazy and are very inaccurate. We are moving fast while riding, At least for me 18.7mph.

Is the sensor not adhering due to sweat?
I wear the sensor in the back of my arm, which doesn’t get as sweaty or move around as much as the abdomen, but I will still sometimes wrap a piece of tape around my arm to keep it secure.
I have read that the CGM can become inaccurate if you are dehydrated, which makes sense.

I can’t find the exact product that I bought, but it was like the Medtronic “Polyskin® Transparent Dressing” I just don’t remember it being so expensive. it is the same material as my infusion set tape and it covers the CGM with a good buffer.

I have had relly good luck putting mine on the outside of my thigh. A little tape and the tight shorts and they stay right where I put them. I almost prefere them there all the time now. It gives me more room om my stomach for my infusions.

I use mastisol liquid adhesive and then opsite tape - stays in place very well
Both available online from amazon.

After 6 days of cycling 13-15mph, the sensor was still on.
Really hot days with humidity used to make the sensor come off, but since I switched to this tape and adhesive combination, my sensors are no longer coming off at all.

Also, one of the key things is to make sure that you are sufficiently cooled down after the ride/hike/run/etc before a shower. I used to have sensors come off in the shower after sweating a lot.

Hope this helps

I use SkinTac before putting my Dexcom sensor in, then a little around the edges after insertion. It stays on through hell or high water. Dexcom recommends against this practice. I’ve done it for four years.