Keeping the CGM on during exercise

Grretings - I have the medtronic CGM and I usually wear it on my abdomen. My problem is that when I exercise in the heat, it comes off/out. I sweat alot and I participate in some vigourous exercise - rowing / sculling in 85 degree weather for 1-2 hours! I really need the CGM at these times in particular to help me understand how my exercise affects my blood sugars and therefore how much and how many carbs to load uop with befor enad during exercise. Any advice for a sweaty guy?

do you put anything over it? I have not had my IV 3000 come off–but adhesives stick to me better then average I’m pretty sure…

I use the IV3000. It seems that the sweat that accumulates under this eventually lifts it off my body. I tried hole puching a few holes in it to see if these holes would allow the sweatan escape route, but to no success …

I too have the IV 3000 Adhesive tape. The adhesive usually stays on fine for two days and then I switch the tape out on the third day.

where do you wear the sensor? Do you think putting it someplace else - like the upper buttock instead of the belly - makes more sense as far as movement goes? Less movement - less likely to come out? Doesn’t help the sweat problem though

3M makes a similar patch (Tagaderm) to the IV-3000 that does a better job holding up when exposed to water. I would give that a try. IV-3000 is great until it gets overly saturated with water, at least that is my experience.