CGMS readings versus BG readings

I’ve been wearing the MiniMed CGMS for about 2 months with not too much trouble. Yesterday when I changed the sensor and recharged the transmitter I couldn’t get the transmitter to connect to the pump. After an hour of frustration I called the help line and finally got it going. All was fine all day and when I went to bed my BG was 104 and my CGMS said 106, no problem and I went to sleep. I was awaken at 3:30am with an HIGH alarm that said by BG was 251 so I got up and check it and it was 135. I was so mad, I turned the sensor off and thought I’ll deal with it in the morning. Has anyone else ever had that problem?

Absolutely, but don’t turn the sensor off just make the alarm silent. The alarms are annoying as hell and unless you experience major problems with your BG going low then why use it. I just turned mine off because I hated having it go off in the middle of the night.

So, it’s not unusal for this to happen??? The person I spoke with at Medtronics thought maybe I had inserted the sensor at the wrong angle or maybe because I pinched my skin when inserting it that it went too deep.

How long have you had the sensor in? I find that they are more accurate after 2-3 days.

I agree that they are always more accurate on day 2 or 3. This was on day 1 but about 15 hours after insertion. My biggest concern was the huge discrepancy-finger stick said 135 and transmitter said 251!

Try not to compare finger stick vs. CGM you will be disappointed. Look at overall trends from the reports that you can generate from the Carelink site. This will help you get better overall control of your BG.