Starting CGM soon

Hey everyone,
I had tried the minimed cgm a few years ago but stopped using it. I am meeting with my doctor in a few weeks and I am going to be starting the CGM up again. I was wondering what everyone thinks about the different cgms. Is there one better then the other? I heard good things about Dexcom. What do you guys think of that one?

Dexcom is amazing!

Dexcom rocks! The company tells you to keep it on for 7 days, but when it stops, just hit start again, and it's good to go for another 7 days (at least that has been my experience, YMMV). I love my Dex!

I've only experience the Dex so I can't compare. I think everyone is different. I know someone who is right on all the time. My readings tend to be off most of the time. The second week on it they seem to be more accurate. I don't really have enough confidence to trust it enough to stop testing so my testing hasn't dropped. I sometimes think maybe it's not worth it if I'm still testing so much (8+ day)
I really like it for the night. I sleep much better knowing I will get alerted if it drops and my husband is more relaxed when he travels. It has been very helpful in alerting lows since I can no longer sense when I'm going low.

I used MM CGMS for 3+ years, and switched to Dexcom 1 1/2 years ago. I definitely prefer Dexcom, and find the trends and readings more accurate. For some it is a disadvantage to have a pump and CGMS as different devices, but for me it is an advantage. Since Dexcom CGMS is not 'attached', I look at it more frequently, and take corrective action sooner. When using MM CGMS, I basically just reacted to the alarms, which were often too late, or inaccurate.

You can probably get a trial with Dexcom, either from your doctor or the Dexcom rep. I was able to trial a Dexcom, while still using MM CGMS. You can contact Dexcom to locate a local rep. I did that before my endo appt, so by the time I had the appointment, I knew what I wanted.

I test more with CGMS, and learned how different foods and activity/exercise affected my BG. Without CGMS, my target ranges were higher, so I would have a 'safety' net to prevent lows. Now my targets and average BG are lower, so the extra BG tests are well worth it. When Dexcom shows I am out of my range, or heading that way, I test to confirm and react accordingly.

Several years ago, I tried the Medtronic (Minimed) Guardian. It was so inaccurate, hard to calibrate, and just not useful. With trepidation, I started using the Dexcom 7 just over a year ago. Love it! My Dex is so accurate, and has really made a positive difference in my diabetes control, in my comfort level (catching lows especially overnight), and in life improvement. Get a Dexcom for certain!

I have tried both the Dexcom and the Minimed CGM. The Dexcom was definitely more accurate, BUT having to carry around the receiver was just too much for me. The accuracy of both (for me) was an issue, though. While the Dexcom was more accurate, it still wasn't accurate enough to detect highs and lows. It would frequently tell me I was high or low when I actually wasn't. The Dexcom sensor was definitely easier to insert as well.

Bottom line, a CGM for me just didn't prove worth it, although I am considering going back to the Minimed CGM that is integrated with my pump once they come up with the new sensor. I may not use it 24/7, but I might opt to slap one on periodically to just get an idea of what's going on.

For me, having an all-in-one device is sort of a requirement. I just cannot carry anything else around with me. I am very active (lots of running and biking) and having a separate CGM receiver is really annoying because it adds to my bulk.

In addition, the issue of scar tissue has definitely become a concern for me. Pumping for me is a necessity and I want to make sure I'm preserving my sites for as long as possible. I really began to worry about scar tissue build-up with the CGM.

Finally, consider if the added value is really there for you. With a CGM, I found that I got LAZY...I would bolus without testing (instead just glancing at my CGM). I found that I got a little too lax with a CGM. The one thing about finger-sticks is that they keep me on a more regimented schedule and more on top of my care. Not sure why exactly that is, but it's what I've found.

Yeah I kind of agree. I find after 2 years with dex I am like dependent on it and check it constantly. But it does help me feel at ease when I can just look at dex to get an idea of what’s happening. I wish the sensors weren’t so expensive, 275 for a month supply??? Really??? That’s a car payment. Yes I know you can restart them but still a little pricy.

Thanks everyone!! I remember that calibrating the minimed was difficult and a pain. I have heard great things about the dex from many people. I am thinking that I will end up getting the dex. I already have to carry tons of things with me everywhere I go for my diabetes and I have celiac, so adding one more device won't be a huge deal.

Sometimes I feel like the one benefit of having T1D is not feeling guilty about buying new bags and purses. We can write them off as a medical expensive, right?? :-)

Another thing I forgot to mention, Gary Scheiner (author of "Think Like a Pancreas") wears a Medtronic/Minimed pump but uses the Dexcom CGM. To me, that speaks volumes. I wear the Animas Ping and have the Dexcom CGM, and I hope the FDA soon approves the Animas Vibe, which is a combo pump/Dex CGM, and is available in Europe. I am okay with wearing two devices, but I will be happy to go back to one when the Animas Vibe is available. are right..that definitely is a benefit..and it allows us to have our bags with us when other people can't..and it is definitely a great excuse to go out and buy new bags..I need big purses always feel like they weigh 50 pounds..its crazy!

that does speak volumes..I am seriously considering the dex and I am excited to start up the cgm again..I am a nursing student and it is very difficult dealing with my eating/blood sugars at clinical. I think the cgm will make it a lot easier and I will feel a lot more comfortable when I am treating my patients. I get afraid of dropping low and not knowing it since I could easily make a mistake while being low.

I've used both- I used a Guardian in 2008 and have been using Dexcom from Sept 2010 to the present.

I thought they were roughly equally accurate, that Minimed had a much nicer reciever (lets you scroll back through the numbers, set predictive alarms, made the backlight optional), but Dexcom's sensors were a zillion times more pleasant to wear. They were just a lot more comfortable, don't catch on things, or need more adhesive. That counts for a lot in my book.

I can restart the sensors on both for about the same length of time. Dexcom keeps reading past the time I'm supposed to calibrate which lets me calibrate less often. Minimed's alarms are louder. Dexcom needs to be recharged and Minimed needs batteries. Dexcom's entire system has a 1 year warranty, whereas Minimed's receiver is out of warranty in six months. Neither receiver had a long life for me- in six months on minimed I had two die, and in the almost two years on Dexcom I've had four receivers die.

I think they're both good but if there was a reason you didn't like Minimed, you might as well try Dexcom.

Thanks Jonah! The Dexcom sensor sounds really good. comfort and the fact that it doesn't catch on things is key for me as well. I am going to try the Dexcom. I don't mind having to carry around the receiver because I always have a bag with me everywhere I go. I can't wait to start it :)

This thread is awesome I was looking into trying a CGM too since I just went on the pump and I want to be able to see my trends more accurately. I went to the dexcom website and entered my info... there's no "BUY NOW" button :/