Change in time zone and dawn phenomenon

I’ve been spending the last two weeks on the West Coast, three hours later than my home back East and I’m seeing fasting BG numbers around 115. I have always been under 100 except when sick. I’ve upped my basal and that has helped but I’m wondering if it is the dawn phenomenon. I have been eating more carbs when travelling so I’m sure that’s part of it. I usually get up at 6 AM for work and have been getting up closer to 8 (which is really 11 AM). I did test in the night once and I was under 100. This is my first trip west since diagnosis. I generally travel in the other direction and don’t see a change in my fasting numbers, though my control is always worse when I’m away from home. Anyone else experienced this?

100 and 115 aren’t much different to me, and I’d pretty much be just as happy with one as I’d be with the other. The difference is so insignificant that it could easily be chalked up to margin of error in your meter. I have fairly high expectations relatively speaking, but type 1 is what it is so I try to be realistic too. My standards are clearly different from yours either way. If I had a functioning pancreas, I could see being alarmed at getting 115, but I don’t so I don’t see anything to be concerned about. Maybe it’s just the difference between you having had this for one year versus me having had it for most of my life. When I travel, I expect my BG’s to be off to some extent. I do what I can to keep them reasonably managed with the knowledge that I’m traveling so I’m out of my normal routine and schedule. As long as my BG’s aren’t too high or low, it’s temporary and will straighten out when i get home.