I recently have had such an attitude change, and i’m not sure how it came about. but, now i jus am so full of life! and i love every second of it :). i’ve had diabetes since 2001, and a little while back i got depressed over it [like i’m sure everyone has gotten]… and stoped checking my b.s. but now i’ve had a change of heart. i’ve been checking my b.s., writing it down… getting ON top of my diabetes :). i’ve finally realized what i should of known the whole time.
i’m guna have diabetes in check, instead of it havin me in check…!! :slight_smile: & <3 -katie.

Keep up the good work!!! Stay motivated…don’t let diabetes control you, you control it…

Proud of you

Good for you! I think of diabetes like a room mate that I have no choice but to live with, so it’s better finding a way to get along with that room mate instead of fighting over whose turn it to do the dishes (or in other words, focus on good control of my diabetes). It makes life much more easier.

Keep up the great work!!!

i hope that happens to me soon :
hah. (: