Changing the Ping Alarm Song

I am sick and tired of Fur Elise, you guys. :slight_smile: Does anyone have the information on how to change the alarm song on the Animas Ping? Any help would be awesome!

You do it with the EZManager software. But you need to know the notes to a new song.
You put in your new song, then download it to the pump.

My son hates the alarm too. He wants to change it to the tune of Family Guy. If anyone knows the notes and could help me out, I’d be forever grateful :slight_smile:

There are quite a few songs pre-loaded in EZM Max. They are there, but don’t get too pre-excited about the content.

Instructions can be found on page 69 of the EZ Manager Max user guide:

I helped several kids at camp choose and change their tunes . . . but the steps are not at all intuitive.

After opening ezManager to your account, click on the “configure Pump Tunes” tap on the top right. When you click on the icon it turns blue and nothing else happens.

Make sure your pump is DISCONNECTED and suspended . . . and the IR window is set to communicate with pump.

Then, click on “Start” like you would if you were downloading data from your pump.

A new window will open with the heading of “Upload Tunes”

Click on “open” . . . and another window will open and shows two folders. Choose the “Tunes Library” folder and open it.

Click on a song you think you may like and click to open it.

A window pops up that says “Tune was successfully opened from file” . . . click OK . . . and the Upload Tunes tab will have a “play” tab option. Click on “play” and it will play the tune you selected.

If you like it . . . select the category you want to change (alarms, warnings, reminders, or alerts) and click on “upload” . . . while the pump is still in suspend and in communication with the pump.

You will see a blue bar on the bottom right as the tune uploads. Takes about 10 seconds . . .

Then go back and choose another if you like.

I use Beethoven’s Fifth for my reminders, as it is subtle and low. If you don’t acknowledge the reminder on the first alert, however, the second time around it will play “Fur Elise” again!

I know that it is also possible to remove the “tunes” so the pump only beeps . . . and I think you do it by clicking on the “remove” tab . . . but you may have to contact ezManager tech support to be sure on how to do that . . . Just know that I have removed them in the past!

That is exactly why I keep mine on vibrate :slight_smile:

I know this is a dumb question, and I also know you’re probably going to tell me it’s in my original packaging box, but where might I find this ezManager software? I’m beyond tired of “Fur Elise” as well.

ezManager Software doesn’t come in the box these days . . . although I think they include a “coupon” so to speak telling you to call and order if you want it. The software is free with purchase of the pump, and I believe they decided people were sometimes overwheamed with so much stuff . . . when first getting started. You should be able to call the main orders line and get the software and dongle sent out for free.

Ok, I hope this is ok, and not too late. Here are the notes and words. Someone else, don’t know who, had answered the same question elsewhere.

heres the exact lyrics and notes
Family guy theme tune (key n=notes l=lyrics)
n) C C B C F
l) It seems today
n) B Bflat B Bflat F
l) That all we see is
n) Bflat A Bflat A Bflat
l) Violence and movies
n) C G A A A A
l) and sex on TV
n) F G F G# F A A Bflat A
l) But were dose good old fashioned values
n) G A D A F (lowD) C….
l) on which we used to rely… (pause 4 bars)
n) D C# D E F E D C
l) Lucky there’s a family guy (pause 4 bars)
n) Bflat A Bflat A Bflat C
l) Lucky there’s a man who
n) A G# A G # A Bflat
l) Positively can do
n) G F# G F# G A
l) All the things that make us
n) F A D
l) Laugh and cry
n) C
l) He’s
n) C#
l) a
n) D
l) Fam-
n) E
l) -ly
n) F
l) Gggggguuuuuuuuyyyyyyy

hahahahah! You’re great!! I’ll try it out this evening. My son is going to crack up.

I have pink get this party started as my tone… Man that took some time in the software to get right… LOL You have to request the software from animas it does not auto ship any more as they told me not many people used it.

You are AWESOME, Leilani! Thank you for your help! I’m now - FINALLY - rocking the Top Gun theme song. :slight_smile:

Glad the directions helped!

Sorry i just joined and saw this exactly how do i get this software? Do i have to call someone to get it or do i download it?

I changed mine to the Top Gun theme song (with your help - thank you guys!!):

I am impatiently awaiting the delivery of my pump. I would like to have: If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis. Can the pump or the software download a MIDI file?

Not that I am aware of you have to play it on their software like rudimentary notes.

Thank you. I guess in order to make that work, I will have to monophy a polyphonic piece. That could be interesting.

Ohh this is great! My son would love the star wars theme. Does anyone know the notes?

I noticed this, and just got my pump. The first time that went off I wanted to change it, this is excelent news the only thing I didn’t see in this was how do I get EZ manager do I have to plug the pump in? Does it go through the Meter?