Changing transmitter

Can I change my transmitter without changing sensors which I only changed 2 days ago? and how can I take the transmitter out as do not have the plastic piece from when I changed sensor

Which cgm are you using?

On the Dexcom, the easiest I have found is to spread first 1 tab and then the other tab that holds in the transmitter with my fingernails and transmitter pops out. Much easier than using the plastic remover when attached to your body and then yes, you can put in new transmitter in old sensor. You can also call Dexcom and they will send you a replacement sensor if you have 3 days to wait for shipping. Just make sure you apply new transmitter code in your receiver before inserting in old sensor.

Yes, you can remove and replace the transmitter from the sensor pod. It would be easiest if you could get another person to help you but I’ve done this a few times myself. Dexcom discourages this practice, but it can be done.

You could “borrow” the plastic piece, the “safety lock,” from one of the sensors you likely have on the shelf. If you do, just be careful that you don’t press on the plunger. Here’s snapshot from my G4 user guide. The G5 is the same but the G6 is not.

The safety lock needs to be positioned precisely so that the two plastic arms that secure the transmitter to the pod need to forced outward and clear of the transmitter body. This is best practiced when the entire assembly is off of your body and on a flat surface. but it can be done while on the body.

Use lights and good optics to get a clear view of what you’re doing.

I agree, easier than using the plastic key.
I think of it as gently prying the plastic “foot”, at each corner (2), which releases the hold on the transmitter. Using the key tries to release both at the same time. Using fingers, can do one at a time.

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It’s way easier to just release one clip with your fingernail, and then do the same thing on the opposite-side clip. No need to use that silly plastic thing!

First of all, assuming this is a Dexcom that has reached its battery limit, I wouldn’t bother changing the transmitter at all. Instead you can use the 3rd-party app called xDrip to keep it going. The Dexcom transmitter shut down is just a software limit that doesn’t reflect how much juice is actually still left in the battery, often quite a bit. xDrip doesn’t contain the fake software limit, and because the transmitter keeps sending data it keeps you going until the battery actually does die, which can be weeks longer. If you search the site for xDrip there’s plenty of info about it here.

Not true for G4.

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