Dexcom users help!

I’m trying to get my transimtor of the little plastic sensor… how do I do that?:\

I’m trying to use the little “key” plastic thingy but not sure where do put it and which direction to pull/push…

you wanna get the transmitter off the sensor?

here is a video showing it

tell me if this is what you were asking or if you need more help :slight_smile: good luck

To take the transmitter off the clear plastic sensor pad I find it just as easy, or easier than using the key, to just slip my thumbnails behind the little plastic prongs and pry them apart.

It’s interesting to me the difference context can make.

For completely understandable reasons this mom takes about 2 minutes teasing the old sensor off her daughter’s arm with an adhesive removal pad. I just pry up an edge of the tape loose and then rip that sucker off. Of course, since it’s attached to my body I know exactly how painful or not the experience is. :smirk:

Prior to buying Skin Tac & Mastisol I also bought a box of adhesive removal wipes since everything I had read up to that point had led me to believe I would need them. Nope, not so much.

The adhesive helps some, I think, but I’ve never had a sensor attached so stubbornly that ripping it off was not a problem for me.

If you use the key, lay the old sensor on a flat surface & push the key down over the “E” in the Dexcom name on the transmitter, it pops off every time. It may take a bit of force to get the key down. I was told this by a Dexcom support person. Should be in the manual or on the tutorial video.

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I usually use Lilli’s system with my thumbnails but have also found Annabella’s method of laying the transmitter/sensor cradle assembly flat on a table and then using the supplied plastic key to work very well, too.

The trick is to make sure you push the key down over the “E” in the Dexcom name on the transmitter, before I learned that I couldn’t make it work.

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There is a great You tube on how to insert the Dexcom It is given by a girl named Diabetic Danica. I found this super helpful.

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@drsoosie yeah there are tons of good videos about how to insert a new dex, but i think she was asking how to remove it, which wasnt as easy to find… hope she managed to change her sensor now…

actually it shows how to remove it as well!!!

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When I switched to using a pump two years ago I laid in a store of those because of, y’know, body hair. After a while I decided it was too much hassle, so… rrrrrrip! they go. The Dexcom adhesive patches are so big that if I have to lay one down on a hairy spot, I’m just gonna get out my razor and shave me a patch. Does look kind of funny, but there’s only so much pain I’m willing to tolerate. Though every time I do it I get a little worried by that Seinfeld episode…

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I have taken to wielding the razor like a machete to hack away hair from potential insertion sites. There was a brief moment before I went down this path that I considered what I might look like. Then I remembered that no one who was ever going to see me naked from this point on in my life was ever going to care one way or the other. :weary: :wink:

LOL color me shocked!! I had no idea you were supposed to use that tool to pop the transmitter out. I just yank my sensor off (after 20+ days the adhesive is peeling away anyway) and pull apart the plastic wings with my fingers. Hope the OP was able to get the transmitter out!!