Charging Receiver Battery

I have a dexcom for a week trial and the battery is down to one bar...the rep did not tell me what was needed to charge the receiver. I have read the instruction booklet online about it but it did not address one issue...Do you have to have the receiver turned off in order to charge it? or can you just plug it in close to you and let it charge while it is still on?

just plug it in. It will still give you readings while it charges.

I plug mine in and walk away, I can go all over the house without to many problems. You may get an out of range beep if it is set up but it will find you again when you return within range.

Hope this helps, good luck.

I usually run mine down to 1 bar and then recharge for 1 or 2 hours and leave it running. No issues.

Sometimes I walk away when numbers are better than 100 and if I am worried about lows, I run it near my chair where computer/TV is etc.

Thanks for the help, got it charged no problem. I think I am getting attached to dexcom, I dont want to give it back!

You will really like the Dexcom unit. One word of caution. You may eat the same thing three days in a row and have three different responses. You may believe everything was the same but variables you have never hear of will jump out of the bushes and walls to confuse and confound the situation. DO NOT BE ALARMED or over whelmed if this happens.

Good luck on getting a permanent Dexcom.

one of the neat things i watch is the digestion times and watch 5 to 6 hours after eating and see the fats and hard to digest stuff bump bg with the extra glucose finally coming off.

I leave it on my nightstand at night, and so just charge it there overnight when it needs it.