Restart when battery needs charging

I am new to the Dex and I want to go beyond the 7 days. My problem is that I forgot to charge my battery last night and it is down to 2 bars. Can I just turn off the sensor and charge the battery for 3 hours then start again?

You can charge the battery anytime. There are no restrictions.

Restart of the sensor is completely unconnected to the battery charging. They have nothing to do with each other.

The battery only needs to be recharged when it is down to 1 flashing bar. 2 bars is fine.

To get the sensor to go beyond 7 days, all you have to do is "stop sensor" (or let it expire), and then "start sensor". After the 2 hour startup period, the sensor will be active again.

If it starts reading really crazy, then you may have to replace it... I usually get at least 14 days out of them. Some people have gotten 21 or more.

So, is it OK to turn the sensor off for 3 hours and then start it again?


And you can recharge it without turning the sensor off too.

Thanks for the info. I thought that the battery needed to be fully charged when you start a new sensor. As I said I am new to this and following the book!

Dexcom's website says under Helpful Hints:
"Charge your battery before each Sensor insertion."
I have never done that. I don't know where this is coming from.
I charge the battery when it is convenient if I see less than 3 bars.

Thanks. I am a little nervous about this so, I think I am just going to turn the sensor off, charge the battery and turn the sensor back on. I hope this works. :0

Yeah - we definitely don't do that. I had no idea it said that.

I just plug in while sleeping to recharge my dex. I am use to sleeping with the cords and will recharge every other day now as my dex is older and doesn't hold the charge as well. When new, I would recharge every 3 or 4 days depending on the bars showing. Never have turned off the sensor to recharge unless I am inbetween sensors(old one dies and cannot insert new one immediately).

Thanks Korrie,
I did turn the sensor off, recharged the battery for 3 hours and started again. That was last night at 7PM. It is now 10AM the next day and everything looks good!
Question to you and everyone else: How often do you enter events, carbs, insulin? It seems the more infor I enter the faster the battery goes.


I’m really confused as to what you did. Did you stop the sensor and then re-start it with a new 2-hour wait period. Or did you turn off the receiver? I didn’t think it would charge while being off because plugging in the charger turns it on I think.

Whatever. You’re making this much more difficult than it needs to be. You can charge the receiver while you’re sleeping and it will monitor your BG as usual. Or charge it while you’re watching TV. You don’t need to turn anything off.

Thanks Helmet. I just do not want to confuse Dex. So, from now on I don't think I will enter events.
Have to see what my Endo wants. Don't see her for 1 more week.
You habe been very helpful to me and I appreciate it.

OK, I am new and confused. So my battery was dieing so, I turned off the sensor, charged the battery for 3 hours then started with the same sensor again.
It seems to be working well because I am within 1 point of Dax and my meter.
Did I mention that I am not on the pump? I am old school. Type 1 45+ years.
This old dog is learning new tricks!

You are welcome, Mary.
I don't see any downside in entering events. I don't enter events because I use the feedback from the dex on the spot.
Entering BG values is a different story. The less, the better.

Mary, today the successor of the Dexcom 7+ was announced. Dexcom has a 30 day return policy. I recommend that you exchange your dex for the new G4.

My CDE says the same. Only enter BG values with a new sensor because it is like a child learning.
Sort of like me learning something new after 45+ years with type 1.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I am so glad you sent this to me. I got in touch with my rep and she said I will be upgraded at no charge when I put in my order for sensors.
I was a little worried because I purchased my Dex under the rebate program.