Charging the Receiver

How often do you charge your receiver? Do you wait until it asks or just do it periodically? How long after a low battery alert does it stop working?

My cord is here at my computer so I plug it in every couple of days.

I just do it when it asks. It lasts maybe about a day, maybe two after it first warns you it's low.


Kind of like my car, I starting thinking about it when it's around 25%. Usually I charge it when I'm working at my computer, so I stay in range. I don't think it's a good idea to let it run all the way out, but I can't tell you why. I usually charge it about once a week.

Annabella, if you have a computer, just hook up your receiver to it whenever you upload your info from Dex onto your computer. If by chance you don't have that ability, just plug your receiver into an outlet using the provided cord. I read on this website somewhere that keeping the receiver well charged makes it last longer, thus saving us money by not having to purchase a new receiver sooner. I'm all for that; so I'm using that method to keep my receiver charged up in hopes it works. Sure doesn't hurt anything to try it. Good luck. By the way, how are your numbers doing?

Annabella--I check my Dexcom many times a day. I plug it into the wall outlet when I get the battery notice--about once a week. The Dexcom continues to record, even if I am a couple rooms away. Good Luck--Ruthe

I keep two usb cords by the bed and plug in my phone and the Dex or pump. They usually sleep under my pillow anyway.

I charge mine about once a week. I don’t let it get to low in case something happens.

I've never let mine go to the low battery alert ... yet (I'm still new to the Dexcom G4). I tend to recharge it every 3-4 days ... when I see the bar has dropped down to 3/4's. Now should I wait longer tho'? I know my DH says that with our rechargeable handsets at home - it's better to let them almost die out - that battery will last longer ... meaning maybe the receiver would last longer (Animas says 1 year of working ... but I've heard of it going longer - which would be great for me - since I pay out of pocket).

Annabella, could you please clarify your question to me. Are you talking about the transmitter for the G4, or the battery for the Animas insulin pump?
If either one is rechargeable, then this would be great news. At my location, the transmitter for the G4 has to be replaced every 6 ... 12 months (cost approx. 300 euros) and the battery for the Animas (type AA) has to be replaced too.

I am talking about the Dexcom G4 receiver. I have a separate system it is not integrated with my pump as it is with the Animas Vibe.

I used to charge my receiver every night at my bedside until I realized its range was somewhat reduced whilst charging. Which explained why I kept getting “out of range” alarms every time I layed w/ my sensor against my husband. (Apparently he makes a rather poor antenna!)
Now I only charge it when it’s down to 1/4 battery power or less and only until it’s fully charged, not over night. No more “out of range” alarms at my most vulnerable time of day—while I sleep.

I like to keep my receiver battery topped off. I plug it into either the USB port when I'm using the computer or use the wall charger. I've never seen a low battery alarm.