In need of test strips

hey guys! I need to know if you guys know of a site were I can get cheap test strips or if you have any extras which I know is dumb to say cause I know no one does, but yeah I need either one touch ultra 2 or freestyle flash ones!

Hi Kenny:

Unfortunately, you live in the US. I have extra Ultra 2’s but I have only been able to send them to People in Canada who are out for some reason. I did e-mail the company a few years ago asking about the situation but they said Canadian strips do not work in US machines. I can’t see why not. The meters look the same. They didn’t say why. Sorry about that.

There are many drug companies that give Insulin like and the same goes for companies like (Lifescan) who give strips sometimes, I was told. There is also I think there are other sites on this Forum also. Good Luck!

Such BS by the companies. It is the same meter and strips either freestyle or the One Touch. I used Accu-Check in the UK, all the strips cam from my parents in the USA! International boundaries may be Tariff and Duty, but not the actual strip magically losing it’s ability to work.

If you want to try to send me a twitter direct message, follow Wyldceltic1, I’ll follow you, we’ll get to exchange emails and then snail addresses. I have some spare sometimes, so what the hey…?


Seriously?? Wow! And they worked properly? They didn’t say that they lose their ability to work. They said Canadian strips do not work in US machines and vise versa. Period. I’d be Happy to send Kenny some if they would work in his meter.

If you need discount strips check out they are about 50% off their strips and I just ordered some One Touch Ultra strips the other day. Instead of paying $1 each you only pay about $0.50 each. It’s still expensive, but not hardly as much. Hope this helps.

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Hi Debb!

I double checked this with Manny and it is 2DABETES

I’m not sure why the “I” is missing, but this code should work!

Hey Kenny I always check my blood sugar way more than my insurance companies want me to (sounds so stupid I know…c’mon Obama do something!!!).

Anyway, I usually pick up extra boxes off eBay. If you find strips that are gonna expire in a few months you can usually snag em cheaper than 50 cents a strip. Just make sure you use em before the exp date.

I have noticed meters at the pharmacy with stickers that make it seem that they are free with either a coupon or a rebate and they usually have at least a starter # of strips. Perhaps look into the free meters just for the free strips that they come with. A short fix, but you don’t want to be caught without…

Wow!!! Really!!! I wish I had known that when I ordered from them the other day. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time. Thanks, Kristin!!!

I have the same issue with checking BG’s more than the insurance allows for strips, but I have found that on my 90 day orders I can get them to send them a little sooner everytime which allows me to use more strips.

In comparison; my Endo told me the other day that most of the insurance companies are only allowing new type-2’s to test only two times a week (sounds like a death sentence to me).

I too have the same problem.Since being on the pump I have been using more strips because I test my basal rates often.My insurance company only allows me a 3 month supply.They figure the amount by assuming I test 5 x a day.Well,I do well over that amount.It is a good thing I have diabetic relatives.


Hi Holly:

FYI I just used this code 2DABATES and it still works! Jan 31, 2009

watch your news papers… walgreens, riteaid, cvs always have sales that match coupons so you can get kits with 10 strips and 10 lancets.FREE!! (this is how I get replacement batteries too.) Be sure to look at the expiration dates.

I don’t have insurance. So this couponing thing is one way I make sure I have enough supplies. Today I picked up 12 meter kits, which is something like 80 strips and 120 lancets for free (after coupons and rebates.)

I’ve received Accucheck Aviva meter kit with 60 strips etc… and OneTouch Ultra, Freestyle lite… all with strips and lancets… etc. from manufacturer websites.

I’m wary of ebay strips… so many of them are just very close to the due date.

Aaah So bad its not for South Africans - Our diabetes supplies are extremely expensive - since everthing is imported from the USA!

So sorry to hear that. You might try what I’ve been doing with getting the free kits. Most retail kits comes with 10 strips and 10 lancets. I’ve found coupons online and rebates that make them free. Yesterday I got 12 kits… that’s 80 strips and 120 lancets FREE. (well, I pay tax)

So here’s what I got.

4, onetouch ultra mini which gives me… 40 lancets, 4 batteries. these kits never seem to contain strips (FREE with coupon, paid tax)
1 Walgreens kit, 10 strips, 10 lancets, 1 batterie, 1 control solution $19.99, (FREE with rebate)
2 Bayer Contour kits … 20 strips, 20 lancets, 2 batteries. (FREE with coupons, paid tax)
4 True2go kits… 40 strips, 40 lancets 2 batteries. ($14.99 each, less peel off coupon of $10 each, and $4.99 rebate each)
1 NovaMax kit… 10 strips, 10 lancets… etc. (Free with RiteAid rebate, paid tax)

I spent something like $40 out of pocket but most of it will come back in rebates in 2 months or so.

what meter/strips do you use?

He can always get a free coutour meter here:

and use your old strips