Chewing gum lowers blood sugars? Anybody?

In his book ‘Blood Glucose Solutions’ DrBernstein says chewing ‘sugar free’ gum lowers blood sugars?

Does anybody know about this?
Is there a reason why?

I remember reading that…I do it just because it helps with hunger not sure if it works. But if I remember correctly the gum is chewed after meals to help with gastroparesis.

I don’t know about that. You could end up with TMJ if you do it too often.

I don’t chew gum and I have TMJ problems. They are mostly caused by bite misalignments and clenching and bruxism.

That said, the Original Super Bubble Bubble Gum is only 4 carbs a piece! :slight_smile: (was checking out the Halloween candy aisle today!)

Well I got TMJ for a while. When I stopped chewing gum (it was quite a habit for me during my second pregnancy to help nausea and then it stuck for a few years), it went away.

I second this about the causes of TMJ. I’m not a gum chewing, but for me it’s about clenching/grinding my teeth at night!

Dr. Bernstein recommends gum chewing after meals to aid digestion for gastroparesis. He doesn’t say it lowers BG.

The name of his book is Diabetes Solution.

Your right Gerri!

I actually got it wrong. Its the other way around.
For hypoglycaemia due to gastroparesis he suggests chewing gum may help move food along from the stomach (page 377).

So chewing gum is actually used to raise blood sugar in gastroparesis!
But as some posts here have cautioned, be wary of possible jaw problems

I actually went to see a neuromuscluar dentist about this once. He said, in my case, that my bite misasligned is caused by the fact that when I had braces they didn’t remove enough teeth on the bottom (or too many on the top) so I have more teeth on the bottom than the top which causes a misaligned bite. grr. Stupid orthodonist. I wish I had known than that this would cause me problem. Back in the 70s when I got braces, they just removed teeth left and right and didn’t take into account any other problem that might arise. I am pretty sure that this is the cause of my tinnitus in one ear too.

In order to fix this, he want to put teeht back in on the top and I would have to get braces again! I said NO WAY! Braces were torturous enough the first time around!

Everyone who has kids that are going to get braces and they want to remove teeth to straighten them out - please keep this in mind.