Hi wanted to find out anyone here suffer from gastroparesis or slow bowel movment as im suffering from these kind of problems and its driving me crazy i feel as theres no light at end of the tunnel i also find my sugars to be erratic i notice i dont have to vomiting symtom alson i find trouble urniating sometimes also if i go low i find even if my sugar is low and i drink a sugary drink sugar doesnt go higher or goes high very slowly i want to find out how other people are coping and did your condition improve are you able to do stuff such as driving and everything as i know it can affect bloodsugars

I have gastroparesis. I often feel nauseous, and sometimes vomit up food totally undigested that has been in my stomach for up to 18 hours! I very rarely feel physical hunger, even when I know my stomach is empty. My blood sugar can be difficult to control because of the digestion issues and delayed stomach emptying.

I have found that a LCHF (very low carb, normal protein, high fat) diet helps my stomach to function better, lessens my nausea, and greatly improves my blood sugar control. Also, a good workout routine (especially stomach exercises) helps with digestion. And drinking plenty of water. And I do my best to follow a strict eating schedule (eating at the same times everyday).

Gastropaesis is a difficult condition to live with, especially because the symptoms can be erratic, and it has such a terrible effect on blood sugar control. But it can be lived with. And once you find your way to tight blood sugar control, you just might be able to lessen the symptoms of Gasropaesis.

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Have you been tested for celiac?

Hi no never tested for celiac i have always been eating bread and stuff that contain gluten i was fine just last 6-7 months i suddnely got this problem which is real scary although not officaly confirmed by docs im 98% sure its gastroparesis i know my sugar were nevel brilliant but they were never krazy my last hba1c was 8%/64mmol

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis or GP four years ago. The doctor that diagnosed my GP said I have a moderate but not insignificant delayed stomach emptying.

At that time I took very aggressive steps to control my blood glucose. I adopted a low carb high fat way of eating. I lost 25 pounds and have kept almost all of it off. I walk 2-4 miles every day. I take pro-biotocs and pre-biotics (potato starch) every day. I dropped from the high 6% A1c to the low 6% range and have stayed there. I don’t have nausea but have had other digestive upset. The soil-based probiotoc and the resistant starch (potato starch) have had a wonderful effect on my digestive system. I won’t include further description because I fear it’s too much information!

I have not had the more severe symptoms that some people write about. I am highly motivated to keep my BGs as close to normal as possible. I use an insulin pump, CGM, and Afrezza to keep my BGs in line. I am heartened by Dr. Berstein (a T1D living with diabetes since the 1940’s) report that his GP symptoms disappeared several years after he restored his blood sugar to the normal range using a 30 gram/day carb limit. I am not that strict but I think my GP symptoms are slowly getting better and at least have not progressed at all.


i hope things, are better,. & i had a lot, of the Symptoms, you have, & i was tested for celiac,.