A little disappointed. I found my favorite candy is now available in sugar-free, Chick-o-stick. Tried it and found that the texture is a bit different and the peanut-butter flavor is much more mild. It's not terrible, but it's not similar enough. Anybody have stories of finding good SF treats? I usually just end up making home-made goodies, you have more control over what's in them that way anyway.

When I stopped eating sugar nearly 20 years ago, everyone wanted me to try their favorite sugar free products. They were terrible and they just gave me cravings for "the real thing." I do realize that some of the products have improved, but personally I found it easier to just stop eating "desserts". I no longer miss them. I rarely eat sugar free products. Why bother?

I agree with Zoe that sugar-free products are seldom worth the aggravation (my exceptions - sugar free soft-drink/soda/iced-tea and sugar free jello - both of which I eat fairly frequently). Most sugar-free candies still have a lot of carb, so what's the point since you need to work them into your diet/insulin anyway? So I'll never buy fake candy and I try to stay away from real candy since it is so low in nutrients and easy to overeat. But if I feel the need I'll just go ahead and bolus for it. Not hard to do unless you're trying to go ultra low-carb in which case I guess you have to deal with the guilt of breaking Bernsteins laws.

Zoe why'de you give up sugar 20 years ago, many years prior to your diabetes? Just because of the emptiness of the calories?

I was eating some sugar free candy when I was first diagnosed and soda because I felt so deprived. I'm not sure why I drank the soda because I hardly ever drank it for most of my life, except for normal soda for the course of a relationship because he was drinking it all the time, but then I realized that it has aspartame/sucralose(spikes me) both of which are bad for me and give me terrible gas/runs and aspartame gives me gas and headaches. So now I just eat regular chocolate. I found after my dinner I can do that without spiking while eating a piece of bread can often spike me like crazy. So I would just go for the real chick-o-stick instead and bolus for it.