I miss sugar!

Okay, It’s Monday, and I still have 4 more days to go of great self-discipline :slight_smile: I should always do this, but baby steps right? So, my bg’s have been better-I just need to get back into the habit of taking my insulin before I eat. I’ve only taken 17 units of novalog all day, when usually I take at least 35. And, I’ve only eaten 165g of carbs all day which is a big improvement. But, I’m super hungry, and craving chocolate!!! Well, hopefully 2morrow is even a little better :slight_smile:
…Gonna go close my eyes…oh, after I exercise…uhhh! I’m tired!

CARBs drives your craving for carbs. The less carbs you eat the less cravings you have. It is a trick the body plays on you. I shot for under 50gm a day

Hi Amy,
I hear you about the chocolate. Every so often i just have to have some. There is a website that offers some really good sugar free chocolate candy and other things. It is diabeticfriendly.com I Have ordered from them several times. I also have a couple of good recipes for sugar free chocolate things that I would be happy to write down for you. If you would like them just e-mail me at katsan1733@yahoo.com I am sorry to agree that eating the sugar or high carbs just makies you crave them even more. There are also some really great tastng ice creams out there that are no sugar added items. My favorites are the chocolate (of course), the mint chip and the vanilla. When I have been really working hard, one of these sugar free desserts with a scoop of sugar free ice cream is just incredible. I hope you can find something you like. If I can help just let me know.