Chicken casseroles

I ate this last night:
Chopped an onion, mushrooms, cauliflower and added baby potatoes to a dish. Added four chicken breasts. Mixed 4 tablespoons of mayo, 4 tablespoons of lite chutney, a third of a packet of brown onion soup powder and enough boiling water to bring it up to 1 cup. Added the sauce to the dish, covered and put in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees (428 degrees fahrenheit). After that, take off the lid and let it brown. Yummy!

Other casseroles (although they don’t work as well with added vegetables):

  • Mix half lite tomato sauce (ketchup) with half coke zero, add to chicken and bake in oven
  • Mix half soy sauce with sprite zero, add a little garlic, add to chicken and bake in oven

Great idea Megan! I will try this :slight_smile: I am always looking for casserole recipes and all the ones that I find use a can of “Campbell’s Soup”, which I can’t get here! I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Well Megan I will try it for Friday lunch Tomorrow ( Thursday&Friday are our week end).Last friday I cooked cauliflower with mince meat casseroles,fat free,served with green salad.

Hi Kristin
Do they have chutney in Hungary? Or America? I hope you find it and I hope it’s tasty!

Ooh, your mince meat casserole sounds nice. Would you post the recipe?

Steam the cauliflower
Chop tomatoes
Chop onions
Prepare mince meat; cook it with chopped onions in non stick pan till brown.
Mix tomato puree with water
Poor in on all
To the oven
Enjoy with salad, dressed with olive oil & lemon only

Hi Debb Thanks for the feedback. In South Africa it’s called tomato sauce, and you can buy the reduced sugar version. In the recipe above, it really works as a bit of flavouring for the chicken, so you don’t actually eat much of it. Although, I wonder if you can use tomato paste instead? Hmmm, I should try that some time.

hey, Debb, Heinz has a “Reduced Sugar” ketchup, only 1 gram carb per Tbl. It’s not bad.

I’ve been thinking of starting a discussion called “what’s for dinner?” what do you think? It would be interesting to see how our international friends eat.

I am in. I would love to have Marie or Megan start us off with one of their delicious casserroles or dishes. and then lead us into temptation.!!!

Well, I am going to start it, I’ve got a gazillion great recipes, and my best friend is a terrific cook too. I talk to her every day at 5PM, and we always end the conversation with her asking me, “what’s for dinner?”

when I get the time, I’ve got a wonderful chicken enchilidas casserole. and it’s low fat, but you’d never know it! It has many steps, but can be made in stages

I am ready. Anytime you all want to start. Megan and Sohair have given us great lead-off ideas. Marie you are next. I can’t wait to see what you all have to tell us. After you all have started I will add some that are good for celiacs too, but acceptable for diabetics watching their carbs. I am really looking forward to this. You are all such talented people. This is a great idea.!!!

ok I’m first sending one in called “el pollo loco” it’s just a great grilled thing