Choosing between the three pumps in Canada

I have seen the three pumps available to me in Canada, the Medtronic Veo, The Animas Ping, and the Accucheck. I have listened to the sales associates explain to me each pump and their benifits. I just want to hear from pump users their stories and what makes the pump they use so profitable to them or the downsides of their pumps as well. I am extremely active and dont care about the pump being completely water proof either.

From what others have said on this site and other DOC websites, I would steer clear of the Accu-check - no bolus wizard calculations on the pump, etc. Makes not so easy to use when compared to the others.

If you are interested in using CGM, then you may want to consider the MM Veo - I use the MM and love it, and I also use the CGM and have had much success with it. It is .not “water proof” but water “resistant” but I have never had the need to go swimming with my pump as my BG tanks while swimming. Waterproof was not an important option for me. My MM is OK with rain, etc. I have put it to the test I love the integrated pump/CGM combo. !

If you are interested in a remote to bolus, then the Ping is the only one with a comprehensive remote control.

I just went through this and decided on the Animas Ping. I liked the remote features, and I found the screen on both the Remote and the Pump the easiest to read.

Any Idea how long it will take you to get your pump? I was told @ 6 months as this is the current backlog to get in to see the trainer on how to use the pumps.

Sorry, just felt I had to add that the MM Veo, I really wanted the CGM, but when I found out it was an extra expense, and a fairly big one too, I could not go with it because I just didn’t like the way that it worked, it terms of navigation on the pump, and the screen. For me the Veo only had the CGM going for it.

Just My Opinion. Many people on here have them, and seem to love them, but it just didn’t seem a good choice for me.

Hi Jeffrey, I’m in exactly the same situation as you are.

The day after tomorrow I have an appointment to check out all my options.

Keep me updated, I’ll follow this discussion closely!

I certainly hop you’re making the right decision, so far I found out until now that all pumps have their good and their bad stuff to them.

Guess in the end it all comes down to what you personally like the most…

I really can’t make a choice!

Thanks for the imput everyone. I was leaning toward the Medtronic too, I love the idea of cgm but the price is killer. I was wondering if it is still worth it to get the Medtronic minus the cgm or is the ping better. Again it is all personal. But I appreciate the imput all the same.

I use the Medtronic 722 and have never used the PING. The Minimed is a good pump, but my feeling is that the PING is equally good with more user-friendly options.

The PING is supposed to integrate with Dexcom someday… and the Dexcom CGMS gets much better reviews than the Medtronic system (though the Medtronic system does work for SOME people).

Here is a recent discussion where many people offered their opinion comparing more pumps.

I was using the OmniPod but because I turned 65 and went on Medicare - they would not cover it. So I chose Medtronics Revel (I believe it is almost the same as the Medtronics Veo). I am pleasantly surprised at the improvement in my BG control. I went from an A1C of 6.6% to 5.9%. Good Luck to you as you make your choice.