Which pump

My pump warranty expires in a week and I still have not decided which pump I want.

I’ve seen both the Ping and the Veo (our only two choices here in Canada), and they seem pretty similar.

The big advantage of the Ping is the nice screen.

The big advantage of the Minimed is fewer button presses … and having the option of CGM.

That last one is really what’s holding me up. If it wasn’t for that I would go straight for Animas. And maybe I should do that anyway, since Animas says they will be coming out with a CGM-enabled pump in the future. But part of me thinks if that’s going to be four years away (which, given how utterly slow Health Canada is at approving new technology, it very well could be), maybe I should go with the Veo for now to have the CGM option and then just switch over the next time I upgrade pumps. But then another part of me asks whether CGM alone is a good reason to get a pump. It would be easier if we actually had some other options here … If I could get an Animas and go out and get a Dexcom I would, but Dexcom and Navigator are not approved in Canada, and if I’m going to get the Guardian then I might as well get the all-in-one pump instead.

So hard to choose … I think CGM would make a big difference for me, but on the other hand going another four years is not that long to wait. Plus it would mean I’d be getting fifth or sixth generation technology with all the kinks worked out.

Whatever I decided, I should do it soon …

I have the mm revel pump /cgm system. I love it I get real time bg information and it is really accurate for me. I get anywhere from 7 to 9 days out of a sensor and it is not as painful as it looks although that might just be us here since me my sis and my 2 yr old niece all use it. I use my thigh for insertions and it works great and is out of the way. I think when it comes down to it you need to ask yourself if that is what you really want? do you want the CGM if so then go with minimed since it is all in one. if you can go without it then go with the ping.

Jennifer …you know my preference :slight_smile: …MM user since 2001/sensor using since 2006 !! and working on getting the Veo ,update from MM 522 which I think is different from the Revel( USA) …but I could be totally off base .
MM ( Canada ) is working with PBC and my Specialist for my upgrade !
I have heard very positive comments about the Veo …yes , it is your choice Tu friend …

I have mostly heard positive things about the CGM which is why it holds me back … I think tomorrow I am going to call our diabetes clinic at the hospital and see if they can lend me one for a few days to use and see whether I like it (and mostly whether I can see it), which should help me decide. Sensors would not be covered by insurance for me which also holds me back, not sure I can afford to spend $50 per sensor, but it would be nice to have the option to use it occasionally …

Hi Jennifer - I had used the MM Paradigm for awhile - and also got to test drive the CGMS that came along with it. I then tried the Animas 2020 - and basically went with them because of the ability for me to see the screen much better then the MM. Maybe VEO is different for screen viewing? All I know is, I don’t find the button pushing on the Animas that much more of a hassle. Would it be possible for you to do a trial run with the Ping and/or VEO? Doesn’t hurt to ask - that’s what I did - since I didn’t want to be stuck with an expensive device that wouldn’t get used properly.

BTW, I hear you on Health Canada and how slow they are at approving the Dex here! We aren’t alone tho’ in medical products being tested out - I’ve heard from other diabetic friends in other parts of our big blue marble - and they are the same as Canada - for having to wait.

Anyway, good luck with finding the right pump! Main thing is, your current pump still works, so it’s not like you are in a desperate situation to replace it at the moment. I know for some pumps where the warranty is expiring, that sometimes for “X” amount of dollars, they’ll give you another year, incase your pump that you currently have does go funky on you. I’ve known of people to keep their pump past the warranty period, and keep on using it with no problems at all.

My advice. Try both or at least get a demo from both animas and medtronic. The revel/ veo seem z little more intuitive tnen the paradigm, but I liked the luer lock sets and the backing of the water resistance claim animas provided. Not thrilled with the rep selling me the minimed but I ended up with a completely diff pump due to capacity issues ended up with a Spirit but its not as smart as the others. On cgm didn’t like the insert on mm sensors but there is a new sensor soon tba that’s supposed to resolve this

Been here, done this!! I was MM user from '92 to '09 and very happy. I then looked at the Animas Ping and jumped the MM ship. First, I can bolus from meter (LOVE this more than I imagined!!). TWO, Animas has smallest increments of bolus and basal.

I added a Dex CGM this past September and look forward to when Dex and Animas integrate.

I haven’t keep track of MM advancements.

But, I really like my Ping. Word of advice…the screen scratches easy. Cover it with the film from the very start.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

Same thinking here. Her pump warranty is out next December. Which pump she chooses will depend on whether Minimed comes out with the “comfort” sensor (and let’s hope it is) before Animas integrates with Dexcom. Minimed is also supposed to come out with a small patch pump the size of the Solo by end of next year. Wish I had a crystal ball…

I am currently on an Animas Ping pump, a borrowed demo unit from Kaiser. Within hours I was in love with the thing. Over the last 3 months I had been doing lots and lots of homework, and I was surprised to find that the MM pumps have more negativity than positives to them, I’ve seen endless complaints about them, plus their safety record is crap compared to Animas.

I pestered a large number of members on here asking about their pumps, over the medtronic pumps I heard lots of mixed feelings. If I remember right, I only had like 2 people with the MM pumps not have any complaints. But every single Animas user I asked was endlessly happy and loved their pumps, the only complaint I ever found over the Animas pump is that they only hold 200 units compared to some MM pumps which hold 300 units. But I could really care less about the smaller reservoir because filling it and priming the line is a piece of cake, and its not like you have to do it every day.

I personally have experienced a MM pump back when I was 17 and I completely hated the thing, and after just 3 weeks I refused to use it any longer and went back to MDI, the Animas I have now on is by far superior to that MM pump. A non waterproof pump felt like a huge ball and chain attached to me, which to me completely defeated the purpose of the pump making life better. I hit the pool a lot during the summer, and back on that MM pump years ago, I got incredibly aggravated knowing I had to get back out of the pool, small bolus to catch up, then re-disconnect. Not only DKA risks are involved from that, but the canula will also get clotted up by blood if the drip process is off too long.

So if you like to go swimming a lot, an MM would be a very bad idea. My Animas is good to get up to 12 feet under water, and if just one drop of water gets in the thing, you get an immediate free replacement from Animas. With MM that could be a full blown warranty void and your screwed, why risk that?

Waterproof is not the only reason I was sold on the Animas, they also have lower fail rates from what I hear, its a better build quality, dexcom in the near future for the pump, the screen is super easy to read, my eyes can get tired and lazy some times, an MM screen would make my eyes have to work harder.

As for the MM CGMs, theres a lot of mixed feelings over those too, its one of those things that works great for some people, and totally inaccurate to other users, so if you haven’t tried one yet, then if I were you I would proceed with extreme caution, it might work, or it might not, that could be an expensive mistake. The Dexcom has much much better accuracy, and even better, it is going to be paired with the Ping sometime this year too. So with the Animas, not only would you be getting the best pump on the market, you would also be getting the best CGMS on the market as well, pair those two togather, you have the best blood sugar management money can currently buy.

I personally only like to buy the best, the Animas won me completely over for that reason, and having the dexcom soon makes it even better. Once I have both, until a full closed loop system arrives, this I feel would be the best you can get, and that is why I am going the Animas route, I could not ever imagine going elsewhere.