Christmas eating

At this time of year, I’m doing loads of grocery shopping for the coming guests. It’s Oh so easy to find low fat products like yoghurt, but I searched the supermarket ( a huge one) for ages for a low carb, whole milk natural yoghurt. It goes in the salad dressing.
In addition, I have been out to lunch at restaurants twice this week. I belong to groups that had get-togethers.
I focussed on the “keep the blood sugars down” mindset . Turkey and fresh veggies are fine and I confess to eating a tiny roast potato at each meal. I also had dessert. Yesterday profiteroles, without the chocolate sauce. I checked, but I’d remembered correctly that they have very little sugar and not much flour. ( I used to make them when I was a child)
Today’s meal was turkey and veggies too and I had a melon starter and fresh fruit with cream dessert. I have some Starlix( Nateglinide), which I keep for such occasions and yesterday I kept the BG down to 4.5 mmol/l (about 81 mg/dl) by the end of the day. Both days I ate just the celebration meal and a nibble of cheese in the evening. I’ll check again at bedtime tonight and if I’ve gone above my ceiling target of 6.5 or 117, I’ll take another Starlix. Weight loss won’t happen, but I’ll stay healthy… It will be easier entertaining at home, because I can provide what I need with extras, such as roast potatoes or potato salad, for guests. I have guests to feed from Christmas Eve until Sunday. I have managed to plan such things as low sugar Pavlovas and the fridges are bursting with fresh green vegetables. I have cabbage, cauliflower, brocolli,brussels sprouts and salads plus carrots and parsnips for roasting for guests. I’m running out of storage space and haven’t collected my meat orders from the butcher’s yet.

I had forgotton about Pavlova! What a great idea for a special low carb dessert. Do you have a good recipe?

I use a standard recipe for meringue, substituting Splenda powder for sugar. It’s better if the quantity of Splenda is reduced a bit and the egg white has a teaspoonful of cream of tartar added. So basically 3 egg whites with the cream of tartar, whisk until stiff peaks form add 3 rounded tablespoonsful Splenda, gradually,avoiding knocking the air out of the mix. pipe discs or nests of meringue mix onto a non-stick surface. I use a silicon sheet. Bake in a cool oven (120 deg F until beginning to dry out. About an hour) the texture of the meringue is fairly crumbly, so they have to be handled carefully. Whip heavy cream(without sugar) and pipe onto the nests, top with fresh, frozen or drained canned berries of your choice.
for a drier meringue, you can bake until beinning to colour a little, or bake for the hour, turn off the oven and then leave all night as the oven cools.