Success over Christmas

I have been thinking a lot about food over the holiday season. Loads of guests to stay and feed. i’m a fresh food cook. They’ve all returned home now. Yesterday I made a delicious light lunch for myself, of scrambled eggs with mushrooms, cooked in butter. I added left-over whipped cream to the eggs. The result was fantastic. I had a green salad on the side. I’m a low carb eater. I’ve managed to keep blood sugar and weight under control through the eating season. I’m proud of that and my weight hasn’t gone up either.
I’m due to go to the diabetes nurse on 16th January and need to get an A1c done before I go. She should be pleased with me

Congratulations! I didn’t have such a good time with my BG over Christmas. I had a very stressful time, since my father was hospitalised. There has been a great outcome though as he has found a place in a nursing home and the whole family is tremendously relieved. But with the worry, travelling, time difference, missing meals, lack of sleep, eating at different houses etc. , my BG fluctuated between 50 and 200. Now that I am home, I’m back on my raw food diet but my fasting BG is still quite elevated. It used to be 78 or so, but went up to 115 while I was in England and has only gone down to 95 since I returned. I am hoping it will steadily go down now that I am back in the groove.

Getting out of routineis the worst isn’t it? I measure in mmol/l so the numbers are smaller 50=2.7; 78=4.3; 115=6.3; 200=11.1. Even that 11.1 isn’t a disaster. I’m glad to read that you’ve found a good place for your father to live. That will surely take a lot of strain off everyone.
I had to take my type 1 husband to the deputising GP service yesterday. New Year’s day is a holiday in England( for those who don’t know) He has a urinary tract infection. the doctor gave him antibiotics and said to ring him back if sugars went up to 20 (360) and not to worry below that. He’s not eating, but taking his insulin as normal and checking frequently. So far the worst has been about 17 (306). the antibiotics are kicking in now and everything is improving.