Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish those here who celebrate Christmas a merry Christmas. I hope that you are having a good one.

Amy, I did not see your message yesterday, but I hope that you had a nice Christmas and you Dex survived the day!

eh…I went high a bit but the food was certainly good!!! I did a correction shot to cover what I ate so it eventually came down but its neat to see holiday food reaction to your body hehe

I was doing lots of correction shots yesterday! I was on a roller coaster ride yesterday BS wise. I was low yesterday morning before going to my sister’s house so I had some fudge when I got there. I stayed in the 80s until I ate turkey! Must have been the turkey and not the sutffing & potatoes!

my mom has a habit of making low carb food which doesn’t help me as I tend to go low. I went to my boyfriend’s aunt to pick up some stuff and she made me a plate and I forgot to give myself insulin so I did a correction shot later on (if you call it that). It came down then we went to his sister’s and ate food over there too. Oy, the amount of food I ate was too much but worth it. Today I pretty much behaved.

I behaved today also but I had fun yesterday. Fortunately, my mother doesn’t understand that other foods besides sweets have an impact on my BS so she doesn’t lecture me about too much stuffing, just the desserts! My sister made a bunch of cookies but I only had the fudge - I haven’t had chocolate fudge in years. My mother always makes peanut butter fudge and I don’t like that. My mother made banana nut cake and pumpkin pie. I had a piece of cake at my sisters house & brought some pie & fudge home for dinner last night. I am glad that your boyfriend’s aunt gave you a plate - Christmas isn’t meant to be low carb!

I can’t believe I forgot to give myself insulin for the meal but remembered when we went to his sister’s. It was too many places to go at once

It happens and especially on days like yesterday when you are running around. I have done it before also.

I usually dont forget but yesterday, ohhh boy did I forget. But my body straightened itself out But I can’t wait to get on the pump where I can just hit buttons and NOT forget