Chromium and Diabetis

I read online that taking Chromium will help with controlling ones glucose levels. Spoke to a Nurse and she said that it helps with metabolizing carbs.

I found chromium pills at CVS, not taken any yet, was hoping someone here would have any advice / experience on this

Most serious researchers believe the jury is still out –let me direct your reading to one of the best in the business David Mendosa at

It won’t hurt but may not help. They are still not sure what beneficial effects supplements provide. It also depends on who you ask… Some people totally believe in supplements while others do not just as some doctors want you to take vitamin and mineral supplements and others don’t think the supplements help and want you to just eat healthier.

Cinnamon is showing some promise in quite a few studies to help lower and stabilize blood sugars.

Chromium has been shown to be helpful to Type 2s, but not generally Type 1s. There was a lot of hype about it when I was a teenager in the 90s, so my parents and I decided to try it. We saw no change in my blood sugar levels.

Another concern is the quality of the chromium supplement you’re taking. Only certain brands or potencies will produce good results. I wish I knew which ones to tell you. But I’m a type 1 and I think it’s pseudo-science for the most part.

Thanks for the replies. It’s always hard to sort through the Hype to find what really works. I guess it affects different people differently too.

I’ve heard about cinnamon too, a friend of mine who is Type 2 claims that it has helped her with controlling her sugar. I like the taste, so should prob start incorporating it with food. Like Dori said, may not help, but it won’t hurt

Did you try the Chromium and if so, have you noticed any change? Are you T1 or 2?

I’m T1. Yes i know this stuff is more for T2. But i figured it still can’t hurt to metabolize my carbs more efficiently.

I tried it for two weeks, didn’t see any significant change.

Hey - I understand the desire to see it metabolize your carbs more efficiently - it was worth a shot! My daughter is 6 and is T1. We currently have her on an all natural supplement just to do the same. It has chromium in it but also has lots of other nutrients in it. The theory behind it is that it will optimize stem cell functioning. I figure - it can’t hurt to try! So far, my daughters A1c levels have been right where the Dr wants them (at her age they want 7 to 7.9). Just got back from clinic and she had 7.3 A1c and they actually lowered the insulin to carb ratio on the pump because she has had a few really low BG readings recently. So, anyway - we’re pretty pleased so far with the supplement and really pleased with the DR visit today! Thanks for your reply.