Chromium Good or Bad?

I have heard a lot about Chromium and how it can help control your blood glucose and I was wondering if anyone has tried it.

Well my endo has prescribed me to take it as a supplement to take. But I rarely ever take it so I don’t know if it really works or not. Maybe I need to start taking it and see if it makes a difference.

I tried it as a teenager and saw no change in my blood sugars, but maybe everyone is different.

Chromium may work for some Type 2s, probably not at all for Type 1s. Even so it will only work for those who actually have a chromium shortage, which isn’t all that common. The idea started with some research in China, in an area that lacks normal chromium levels in the food.

I’m Type 1 & chromium did nothing for me.

I saw no change in my blood sugar (I am a type 1 diabetic). I read that it could have other side effects (I forget what they are). So I decided not to take it again.

If you have also Thyroid problems…chromium messes your thyroid totally.

It seems that chomium is one of those trace minerals that has become depleted from much of the soil .The results is that must American diets are lacking chromium . So everyone may benefit from a little extra chromium.

For type2 diabetics chromium can lower and stabilize blood sugar but will not effect the blood sugar of type1 diabetics.However, chromuim may help both type 1 and type 2 in another way .Chromuim may help protect arteries from damage from AGEs.For this reason I have chosen to take chomuim supplement.

Dear joe.

How many micrograms per day is safe?

I 'm type 1 and when I took it I felt that my sugars were more
stabilized and better controlled. I then heard someone say
something about a side effect the Chromium had upon the body.
I then stopped taking it, but I feel, I will again beginning taking
the Supplement. I felt better when taking the Chromium.

Some studies claim that Chromium can cause DNA damage . However this comes from animal studies .The amount of chromuim in these studies would be equvalent to several grams of chromium;way above the dose that anyone would take…

Some diabetic have taken 1000mcg without showing negative effects but this may be high in the long run . Most experpts say ;200 mcg to 800mcg a day is safe . The standard dose is 200mcg to 400 mcg.

The two most common form is Chromium picolinate and GTFchromium . Chromium picolinate is patent by the USDA . It is chromium bond to niacin .It was given to pigs to encrease lean muscle mass. The review for human have met with mixed reviews. Chromium picolinate is highly bio-available over other forms.

Glucose Tolorance Factor , GTF chromium was call thios because it was noticed that the chromium in brewers yeast assisted glucose into cells but this may be no different from other forms of chromium in this function.

Chromium mainly impacts your sensitivity to insulin, but does nothing to address the autoimmune response that causes type 1 diabetes. I wouldn’t waste my money on this, if you are taking a muti-vitamin and eating a diet with fresh vegetables, chances are you are getting sufficient quantities of this trace element anyway.

For chromium alone, a measly 1/2 cup of broccoli supplies 33%-50% of an adult’s adequate daily supply. The amount of chromium does depend on where/how the broccoli is grown.

According to the USDA ; Chromium is depleted in most soil. so how do you get enough in any food if the soil is depleted?

Just started taking Chromium (polynicotinate)200mcg.
one in the morning one at lunch one before bed.
It’s been 2 weeks and i have noticed a difference, my highs in the morning are not as high.
i will get a A1C in a couple of months see if it makes a differance.

T2 for 2 years (diagnosed for about 1 year)… on Metformin for 2.5 years.
Have been on low carb diet (Atkins type) for about 5 years.

BGs had slowly been climbing higher (to me it seemed that the met had stopped working), so my GP suggested that I try chromium picolinate and see if that helps. Have been taking it for about 11 months.

I take 200mg of chromium picolinate - 3x a day with my metformin pill at each meal. GP seems to think it is a good amount to take.
It made a big difference for me. Fasting range went from 115-125 down to 95-105, and readings throughout the day generally are great (unless I eat something stupid). Have not yet noticed any side effects at all, except much better blood sugars and control.

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