Chromium Picolinate Flat Lines After Meal Spike

I have been working on lowering my cholesterol naturally to reduce or eliminate statin use. @JaninaWalker on this forum suggested I take Chromium Picolinate and that my insulin requirement would go down so I told her after my cholesterol test, I would try that next and started reading all about it. There is tons of anecdotal evidence that it works/does not work even on this forum starting 2008. Armed with everything I read and my Dexcom G5 CGM, I decided to try it immediately since carbohydrate reduction could improve cholesterol results and started taking 1000iu once a day with my daily meal. I am OMAD. Although I hate taking any supplements and want to rely on food and exercise, this product has been a real winner for me, and I believe can be of great benefit to some T1 and T2 diabetics (YDMV).

If you are on a CGM, try it out and you will know within just a very few days if this helps you. I take 1000iu for my one meal per day as many complained of no results on low dose. I tried an evening snack as a test on top of my OMAD (without taking additional Chromium) and the spike came back not quite as high so it really appears to be important to take at mealtime as it seems to have a pretty short lifespan. There are several hypotheses why this stuff works but I will spare you the details unless that becomes part of this thread discussion. As long as you can measure your results, not guesses and feelings about this supplement, please try it and report back. I believe that a lot of our forum members could benefit.

The Good
• Pre-Bolus then Flat lined after lunch avoiding usual after lunch 50-70 mg/dl spike from day 1
• Prior to use sometimes I would want a few Almonds or peanut butter lollipop after work – Curbed my appetite so now rarely wanted after day 2. Need to eat a little more at my meal as I started to lose weight Day 3
• Dropped my insulin requirement from day 1 dramatically. I cut insulin use 25 % day 1 and went low several hours later, cut 50% day 2 and went low again, cut 80% day 3 and still went low. Day 4 cut insulin use 90%. And increased food consumption 150 calories with 6g of additional carbs to maintain weight and my after-lunch BG did go up 39 mg/dl. My I:C went from 1:3 to 1:10 but then by second week worked its way back down to 1:5.
• It is very inexpensive. I paid $9.99 delivered for a 2-pack total 360 tablets at Amazon
• Day 4 on feeling great, no more side effects
• Flatlining after meals appears to reduce LDL oxidation and vascular inflammation leading to lower cardiac risks. (I am still in test mode on this one and will detail in cholesterol thread)
• Started taking Jan 27, 2020 so will update any long term changes

The Bad
• I hate improving my health with any non-natural product such as a supplement but just can’t get sufficient Chromium dose through foods for these results.
• Day 1 got a headache
• Day 2 Mild headache almost gone but felt dizzy before and after meal
• Day 3 No headache but still a touch of dizziness
• Need to reduce insulin or eat more and gain weight
• It does nothing for insulin correction. In other words if you take let’s say 1 unit of insulin and drop BG 20 points, taking chromium picolinate in liu of insulin does not reduce BG. It just helps process food you recently ate better.
• When you are intermittent fasting, chromium has no effect on BG. You only benefit when chromium picolinate and food are consumed at about the same time.
• This is a tool, not a solution. For meals that usually spike 50-70 mg.dl I flatline instead of spike. If, however, I carbo load on pizza or pasta which would normally spike me 150-170 mg/dl, I will have a much lower spike, but will still spike 70-100 mg/dl.
• I have not yet tested different dose levels so do not know at what point a lower dose no longer has any effect. I would love to hear from others.

My Stats:
71 year old male, 125 lbs., BMI 19, Insulin dependent Humalog I:C was 1:3, now1:5, A1C 5.6%, last C-Peptide 1.41 with 118 BG Feb 2018, low carb diet about 30g grams carb per meal OMAD, ketones average between 1.5-3.5, exercise 20-30 mins per day at 85% HR 5-6 days a week. On 40mg Atorvastatin.


I find eating fish more than meat as my main protein helps cholesterol. Statins cause me bad side effects so I try to avoid them and Jardiance also caused me many problems. I have a blood test next week and hope my cholesterol is behaving.

This seems easy enough, I may give it a go. If I do, I will post results.

I’m in the midst of managing the introduction of an injected basal insulin each day in conjunction with my pump program, the “untethered” regimen. I eat two meals per day and have observed a higher than desired glucose rise after the second meal. The chromium picolinate supplement may help me with that.

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I did try to post a comment, but was automatically prevented. I had seen something very inexpensive on Amazon US site and was going to suggest that and had only given the name of it, but it was deemed to be a link that was not allowed. So as it is not at all something I am trying to promote and I do not sell anything, it looks like TuDiabetes as a site has policies that make dealing with it rather questionable. What if I also wanted to post a link to a doctor’s video, is that also not allowed? The error message was that links are not allowed. It is surprising as lots of people put up links regarding things and I was not even posting a link, put a copy and paste of the description of something on Amazon in the USA where you are located… So as being helpful is again turning out to be too much trouble with this site, I guess I will do my other projects instead as I do have lots to do. You people are very well educated and intelligent so will be able to find the things even without my help.

Please try to post your link again. Some site policies were altered and then restored recently that had nothing to do with you or your link. I, for one, am interested in your link.

When I get back from my trip to the bank, I could also send it as a private message, but now have to meet a closing time, so will do it when I get back, thanks. I know you are an expert on how TuDiab works.

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Here is the worry I have. I spent many years working in a clinical laboratory. Chromium can interfere with glucose testing. So you might not be lowering your blood glucose. You might just be lowering the reactive ness of the testing.
I really do not understand fully how the dexcom sensors work but I know acetaminophen will effect it. So you really don’t know if you are getting lower glucose or just lower readings. It could go either way. I don’t know.
When I worked in the lab we would question people about supplements when blood sugars don’t match a1c or if they were Asymptomatic with low sugars.
Many people lose their awareness of blood sugars but that is a separate thing.
I lost my awareness for years but it came back after I got my sugars in control real well. I used to be happy with any a1c under 7. Now with cgm I expect of myself under 6.

I don’t think so as my CGM matches well to my finger sticks and my Lab A1C’s match well to my Dexcom GMI. Unless you are trying to claim that Chromium is artificially lowering my finger stick results, Dexcom GMI, as well as my lab taken A1C’s all at the same tme and the same rate which I think would be highly unlikely. I get my A1C from 2 labs since I do my own blood testing using quest diagnostic lab and Joslin Lab in Boston; the 2 labs also always show identical or near identical results. My A1C and GMI run in the 5.3%-5.5% range

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Well it’s a good sign. A1c and glucose testing use different methods. But finger sticks and dexcom use similar methods.
So good luck with it let us know if it gets better or levels off

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Chromium Picolinate gave me huge positive results in the first 6 weeks of use and after that my body appears to have got used to it and benefit slowly tapered off over the next several months. I am still taking 1000 mcg daily (1 Pill) as I purchased 300 tablets but once these are done, I will go without for a couple of months and see what effect that has on my BG.

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Please share with us which brand you purchased. If you can post a link that would be great! Since it worked for you, I want to get the same one!

Thank you

Here is the link of what I use. I will soon be running out so will see if my BG rises when I quit for a few weeks. If so, I will buy another 2 pack.

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Happy New Year ! and following up on the above. Did your BG rise when you quit for a few weeks?

Happy New Year to you too. I have 45 day supply left on New year’s day so will stop in mid-February. Please check back with me in March.

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Fingersticks measure BG whereas Dexcom measures interstitial fluids. I am puzzled by your comment : “finger sticks and dexcom use similar methods”? Please explain. Did I miss something? Thank you!

I was trying to point out that finger sticks and cgm are comparable. They are essentially measuring current glucose levels although in different fluids.

A1c is a completely different thing. It is measuring red blood cells that were exposed to glucose when they were created, sort of locking in the glucose level at their creation.
So that’s how they develop and average over 3 months, because red blood cells live for 3 months.

Your dexcom uses interstitial fluid mixed with reagent on a platinum wire. The micro voltage created is calculated to give you a glucose reading.

Your finger stick instrument does the same thing with blood. Measuring the microcurrent after blood and reagent on the strip are combined.

I know they measure different fluids however the science behind them is similar.