CHRONIC, a serialized graphic novel about Type 1 diabetes

Hey all!

Next Friday, May 27, will be the official launch of CHRONIC on Substack. It’s set up as a serialized graphic novel; a chapter will be released each Friday. It’s free, there’s no gimmick. Simply subscribe to the book and a chapter will come to your email inbox every week. (Substack is kind of like a blogging platform for writers where they can independently produce subscription-based work. Some charge a subscription fee, but many don’t.)

I’m doing this as a pet project, a way to pay it forward to all the folks who have helped me with my Type 1 diabetes through the years. I’m hoping that, in turn, the story will help and encourage those who need it.

The story is fact-based fiction about my experiences when I was diagnosed as Type 1 when I was 13, back when dirt was new. Who might want to read it? Readers interested in how diabetics survived before insulin (or didn’t); how diabetes treatment had progressed up to 1977 (when I was diagnosed); indy graphic novel/comics readers; those who enjoy coming-of-age stories; newly-diagnosed diabetics; those interested in how to cope with a chronic disease diagnosis.

I hope you’ll find it funny, and weird, and informative.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been running brief previews of the book as an introduction to what lies ahead. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


I believe that I was born before dirt. A friend whose BD is 6 months after mine will say she’s old as dirt, that makes me older than dirt.

I’m looking forward to the graphic novel. Thanks for sharing.


That sounds so great. Thanks for explaining what you’re and the reasons why. T1D for 51 yrs here, things were very different back then. It’s a miracle I’m still alive I figure.

Will follow and see if I can contribute in some way.
Thanks for doing this Lisa! :clap::clap::clap::heart:


Hi All
Have type 1 for over 51 years myself
Yes big changes in the last 30 years especially


Ha! Too funny!


Thank you! It’s a labor of love, for sure. It’s been surprisingly theraputic for me to write.


I’m hoping the book will attract some newly diagnosed readers who can take comfort from us old timers in some way. I see lots of them on reddit forums who are having a hard time with it emotionally, and I know what they’re going through, having been there myself.


@Lisa_H1 Many thanks to you and others posting here and elsewhere for your efforts over the many years! I’m a T1 LADA diagnosed 2 years ago at age 66! Quite the change of life for me, but nothing compared to you and others that have lived with T1 for many years (not that I’m calling you “old as dirt!”). I might not act like it when times are frustrating, but I appreciate all that you and many others have done over many years with testing, trials, development of pumps, CGMs, and programs that make life livable for folks like me! Thanks!


Hi Tom! You are very welcome. Diabetes is a challenge no matter what stage of life you happen to be in. I hope this site is a positive force for you on your continued journey. ~Lisa

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Lisa, you yourself are a positive force. While I am not type 1 I got a lot out of Chronic. I would love for it to be part of every CDEs handouts. It would be great if ADA or JDRF would fund that and maybe a bit towards you.

BTW, Chronic is well drawn, highly entertaining while educating without pomposity. Yeah, I’m a fan.

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Aw, thanks Luis! Your encouragement means a lot!

While the free weekly serialized version of CHRONIC is no longer available, I’ve compiled it as one complete digital book for $7.99 (gotta pay those bills…) So it’s still around, hopefully as a positive, entertaining force.

Here’s the link for anyone interested:

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Just downloaded! Looking forward to reading it! Thanks for using your talent to tell this nutty story that is living with T1D. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! I hope you find it not only entertaining but helpful in some way in your life journey. Take care and be well. ~Lisa