Does anyone know what the optimal amount of cinnamon one should take per day to help control blood sugar? I am ready to start putting it in my morning yogurt but want to use the best amount.

Hi Ellie,

I can’t answer your question. However, I don’t think I could stomach more than my current pinch of ground cinnamon in a 4 oz. serving yogurt.

I like the large 32 oz. container of Chobani Greek Yogurt Non-fat Plain (about 4 servings to a container). Four ounces of Chobani (1/2 serving) has lots of protein, 11.5g., and 3.5g carbs. Plus, I throw in 1 T flaxseed (2.5g carbs). I’ve starting eating 1/2 serving for breakfast and 1/2 for bedtime snack. BTW, Chobani brand has five live and active cultures including probiotics. My point is I eat yogurt for the protein and probiotics. The cinnamon merely is for flavor but it would be nice if a “pinch” of it helped to control bs.

Best regards, Lucy

the health food stores sell cinnamon capsules

Studies are inconclusive about the positive effect of cinnamon on lowering blood glucose levels. The spice is not likely to hurt you, or to increase blood glucose levels, but don’t count on it to actually lower blood sugars or level out spikes.

A food scientist told me that it depends on the amount you take, the frequency, and more important, where the cinnamon is grown!

Penzey’s sells a variety of cinnamons. Here is a link to the cinnamon page on their website. My favorite is the Vietnamese extra-fancy. I never noticed any effects on my blood sugar.

What I’m interested in is the amount and frequency, that is, how much a day is purported to be helpful. I think I would like it in my regular 1/2 cup of plain yogurt I eat for breakfast with a few berries thrown in, but I’d like to know what is a sensible amount to add. I know it hasn’t been proven that it helps blood sugar control, but there is anecdotal evidence, and I’d like to test it for myself. But I would like to know what is the amount people use for this purpose.

here’s a discussion manny started about cinnamon. I hope it helps.

Thanks Marie. I checked it out.

Marie, Penzey’s is great for herbs and spices. I’m a big fan of the China Cassia although I buy their Vietnamese also, for things that need a strong, sweet hit of cinnamon.

Hi Ellie,

I took cinnamon capsules & also added cinnamon to food. It didn’t lower my BG, but I’m Type 1. Perhaps Type 2s have some success with this. I also tried apple cider vinegar capsules with no effect.

One study tested T2 diabetics with various amounts of cinnamon 1,3 and6 gm . As little as 1gm shown to reduce BG and cholesterol. It seems to make insulin receptor in the cells more sensative to insulin.

where do you find this brand? I buy FAGE at Trader Joes and it is low carb too. But I don’t think I’ve heard of this brand before, maybe it is not available in the PNW?

I swear I read in this thread or another, about which kind of cinnamon was supposed to be more helpful. Vietnamese vs I don’t remember what. Anyone’s memory working today? Mine surely is not!