Cleaning up the blog

The full-text of this post is also on my blog.

My apologies to the people on TuDiabetes for linking to a prior blog post that had language less than fitting for a link-distributed post. I received an email from an admin requesting that I clean up the post because of its language and a resultant violation of terms of use. One of the things that I forget is that the majority of people who are in the same position as me (recent-onset T1DM) are kids and…


I read your full blog and agree with you regarding the mouse/toes photo. I truly enjoy looking at the photos on TuD and matching them up with the photographers, in most cases. I’m glad you are “cleaning up” the language in your blogs, since we do have the potential of a lot of young people looking for help and information on here. And by the way, congratulations on your med school plans.