Clearing old meter readings

Does anyone know how to clear the memory from FreeStyle Lite meters ? I have 5 lying around in different states of use all of the readings have been downloaded to my computer but now I want to just wipe them clean. My old One Touch meters were easy, I had the computer cord to download and then there was the erase function. I can't seem to find this function in the FreeStyle owners manual.

Sorry, here is what Abbott says:

Can I erase test results from the memory of the FreeStyle Lite meter?
No, it is not possible to erase or delete test results stored in the memory of the meter, as these results are important to health care providers in evaluation. Once the meter has reached its capacity of 400 readings, the oldest test results will eventually "roll out" of the memory, in the order that they were obtained.

Obviously, patients are so obstructionist and malicious that they must be going around clearing their test results so health care providers can't see them. But don't worry, Abbott designed their meter to deal with all those "non-compliant" patients.

Thanks Brian, I really just wanted to clear out a couple of my old meters so I could give them away some have only a few readings on them, but others are full up. I bet if I cornered one of their software people and stuck pins in him/her they would give up the super secret code.
God forbid those health care providers be denied their evaluation rights lol

Alright Brian don't be bringing up that non-compliant term you might get me started on a rant.

I have an issue with my FreeStyle L:ite meter. Some of the entries incorrectly were assigned a future date/time. When I attempt to upload data, I always get prompted to allow this data to update. Are the results removed by date. once you receive the 400 entries? Since the date/time in the device is correct and I never changed it, I have no idea how the data got recorded with the incorrect date/time. There are multiple entries.

This is an older post but I came across it with a search on how to clear or reset a libre 2 meter. I did not know they had been out for years?

Did you finally get the extra meters to people who need them? I guess the workaround is to not worry about your old data. Can you delete all individual one at time …OUCH…

To make sure the graphs are correct I guess you could tell it to only print a specific time when the new reading start …I have not tried to set up another account for the person I am loaning mine too yet…

stay tuned???

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