FreeStyle strips in an Insulinx meter?

OK, so I know what you are thinking. Why would she use the wrong strip in the meter ? I got the "new" Insulinx meter in the mail today. It is bright and shiny and came complete with a new finger pricker, 10 more lancets than I will ever use, glucose control solution, a case, the meter and 10 strips. Well as I looked at the strips and the meter I pulled out my FreeStyle lite meter and I have to say the strips looked exactly the same. So being the rebel that I am, the very first strip I put in the new Insulinx meter was NOT one of the 10 free ones, it was one of the 1100 I had in my kitchen. The meter turned on fine, allowed me to set up stuff and then prompted me to apply blood which I did. The result, 130 mg/dl. So then using the exact same drop of blood I took out one of the 10 free strips and got 125 mg/dl for a result. Now I am not suggesting that Abbott purposefully advertises to only use Insulinx strips in an Insulinx meter and to only use FreeStyle Lite strips in a FreeStyle lite meter to get PWD to purchase the new product. But I think for me, I will continue to twin test with the remaining 10 strips and if the results are comparable, at least I don't have to get a new prescription.