Click to help JDRF!

Hola, amigos,

I was just reading the JDRF website. Our 2-yr-old daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in early October of '08.

The JDRF site had a link to a non-profit site called

Search Kindly will donate ALL of the money raised in the month of January to the charity that has the most votes. Currently the total money raised is $13,000, and JDRF has been in the lead for votes, but it is usually a very close call between JDRF and another charity!!

If you go to the Search Kindly site, halfway down the page on the right side, there is a box that says “Cast Your Vote.” Then, you click on the circle next to “JDRF,” and then click “Submit.”

That’s all there is to it! You can vote as often as you’d like. (Please do!)

So, if, after getting your daily dose of TuDiabetes, you could each remember to click for JDRF, they will win for sure, and it will get us that much closer to finding a cure for diabetes!

Every little bit counts, and Charlotte and I thank you.

Wishing you all Love, Health, and Happiness in this brand New Year!!
~ Tonya xoxoxo