DailyFeats.com is letting you support JDRF simply by checking in positive things you do throughout the day

Just wanted to let all of you wonderful people know about a simple, positive way to improve your daily life as well as support diabetes research.

If you're looking for an easy, fun way to motivate yourself to start and keep new habits, DailyFeats.com is perfect for it, and they're helping to raise money for JDRF as well. We're trying to raise $2012 by 2012, and all you have to do is 'check in' positive daily actions you do such as eating a complete breakfast, working out, or saying "I love you", and you get points which you can redeem for a donation to JDRF (or also for gift cards and local savings). Cigna, one of our partners, is donating the money on your behalf! How awesome!

Tony over at BloggingDiabetes.com included us on his weekly podcast (listen here) and we've been in touch with a lot of other people in the diabetes advocacy community. I hope you'll find the site helpful and encouraging, and help us to raise money for diabetes research before the new year. 50 points triggers a $1 donation, and everybody wins :)

Feel free to let me know ifyou have any questions here or email me sara@dailyfeats.com

:) Happy holidays!!!