Clock on PDM

Does your clock tend to run a little slow on your PDM? I'm finding that I need to reset the time by about 1-1/2 minutes every 3 to 4 weeks.

Yes! I started setting it a few min fast to compensate for that. It never seems to be exactly accurate.

Yes. Very annoying! Though, does that in actuality give us a few extra precious minutes with our pods before they expire?

Yes, I believe it is consistently slow. Mine is currently running 2 minutes slow and that's after three to four weeks.

Some inaccuracy is to be expected in a device this cheap that doesn't have a connection to GPS or the internet, but such inaccuracy would be randomly slow or fast depending on the PDM and, indeed, the external temperature.

It may be that there is some temperature dependency here (it is summer), but I suspect it's a bug in the PDM. I've seen that specific bug before in a different, but similar, machine (the Linksys NSLU2); it was apparently caused by a misreading of the specification of one of the components.

John Bowler

The pod expiry is controlled by the pod, so errors in the PDM timer don't help. The pod just counts down from the moment of activation (when it beeps).

John Bowler

Glad that you brought this up. I noticed it too yesterday. Mine was off by 4 minutes, and I've had the PDM only since end of May.


I thought it was just me/mine! Thank you for mentioning this! I have reset it a few times to match my clock and Dexcom, but have mostly learned to live with it.

Clock is always slow for me as well. Every so often I'll correct it, but it just gets slow again by several minutes.

I have not seen that on my PDM so far it’s keeps the correct time. This was my second one since the change over from the old pods. My first one was stolen last February so this one was the replacement and has kept the correct time. I keep it in the OmniPod case that I got on

Yes I've had to change it many times.

I thought it was just me :) every so often I go and adjust it.

There is always a silver lining! Ha.

I have the model with the cesium atomic clock built in. NIST calls me from Colorado every now and then to calibrate their time base.

Seriously, yes, the RTC in the PDM is horrible. I was shocked when I went to adjust for going off DST last week how far off the time was!