Time change on PDM

So I have to suspend my insulin delivery for a half hour in order to change the time on the PDM? Really??

No, you just suspend, change the time, and re-enable instantly. When you re-enable it reprograms the pod too.

It's silly, but it has to change the pod's notion of time and make sure they are in sync. The pod is keeping track of how much insulin has been delivered when and also needs the time to know when to change basal rates. Discontinuities in time have the potential to screw up these algorithms so they have decided that this is the safe way to update both the PDM and the pod. They could have made it easier by hiding all this from the user and doing these things behind the scenes when you change time.

OK, thanks so much for the instructions as well as the reasoning!

Yes, but then you "resume" it after the time change.

It's a PITA that they really, really need to fix. I don't know why they can't grok the idea of time zones; it's a continuing annoyance while flying. They could even pend the change on the pod itself until the next communication and just keep reminding that the delivery schedule is out of whack! Or they could just *do it* if there are no pending dosage changes (which would work for a lot of people.)

To make it worse, after the time zone change, they don't manage the reports correctly so you end up with two days where the numbers are garbage.

Even worse, the clock on the PDM drifts (well, the one on the pod must too; it's only a really cheap microcontroller). Ok, drift is fine, but there's no way to resync to the right time gradually. That's well understood technology, but because they don't do it the insulin delivery has to be stopped and restarted every time the clock drifts (mine had got up to 10 minutes by the time I faced this nightmare again this morning!)

John Bowler jbowler @ acm.org

Yeah, and I suspended it and changed the time right before I went to bed. I forgot to resume, and it mustve been alarming me to resume it but I slept right through it. Woke up high!

I think that they need to add the "suspend" function on the screen where the time/date change is located. Then it would be there as "resume" just as a reminder. Just for convenience sake.

Wouldn't it resume automatically after the set time? I did suspend for 30 min before time change and forgot to resume it. The Pod made a beep after 30 min and resumed delivery. No big deal, but I wish there is a 10 or 15 min suspend interval.