PDM Clock

I hope we all set our clocks back one hour on our PDM. I didn't do it last year and for a couple of days my BS was wacky after lunch for that reason.

In years past on shot I'd usually do a 30 min shift for a few days on insulin and meals then another 30 mins. Might be a good idea here too so that the shift is handle better by your body.

That and time for another letter to the government to stop the time shift madness :(

Thanks for the reminder…I forgot

That happened to me last time…couldn’t figure out why the change in BG for a week… This time around I was awake and that was the first clock I changed :slight_smile:

When I wake up before 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday, I instantly know it's daylight savings time. ;)

Thanks again... I forgot last two years now...

LOL i just remembered to do it this evening... ops!