Clumsy =(

I have been using the omnipod for only a few weeks not and have already become quite attached to it. I love it! but today i dropped my PDM on the floor and the screen is very light and hard to see, but it is functional. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem or knew how insurance companies are about replacing the PDM. I paid zero out of pocket to switch to the omnipod. All my supplies are usually covered and I only pay a small co-pay for the insulin only. I have Medical Mutual with Diabetes Advantage. If anyone has any info please let me know, thanks.

Your insurance will most likely not cover a new PDM, as I’ve never heard of insurance replacing equipment, but I believe Insulet charges about $350 for a new one, I think. Call them and ask. If it hadn’t been dropped, Insulet would likely replace it under your warranty, which again, would not involve your insurance.

I would call Insulet’s customer service (or better yet, your local sales rep if you know him/her). I think the newer PDM’s have a replaceable screen so it might not be as expensive to repair as a full replacement would be.

The PDM is under warranty. If it’s so hard to see as to be a problem with usability (or if you’re worried you might have damaged more than just the screen) then just call them up and they’ll probably offer to replace it. With the old PDMs I had three replaced due to small cracks in the screen all with no problems, they just ask you to send the old one back in the pre-paid packaging they supply. If you’re worried about it then it’s worth it to yourself just to call them up and ask for a replacement. Also, if you often drop it then you might want to consider using the skins with the new PDM. If you’ve still got the old one I’m not sure how to make it more durable. Maybe someone else will have an idea.

I think I will call the rep, and talk to the supply department at my insurance company as soon as they open in the morning. I do have the latest version but, its so new that I haven’t even gotten around to ordering a skin. If they don’t cover it I will cope with the very very light screen till I can figure out what else to do. I don’t want to go back to injections!

I too have cracked the screen. They asked me if I can still see it and use it, I couldn’t and they replaced it free of charge. Great company IMO.

Seriously, leave your insurance out of it and just call Insulet (the number on the back of your PDM). They might replace it without charge because it’s a new device under warranty.

Did you just call Insulet to get the replacement or your insurance company? Did you drop yours too?

Thank you!

Just got off the phone with Insulet! complimentary replacement since its within 45 days! Oh thank goodness, I should have it within 3-5 days and I’m ordering a skin first thing in the morning!! thank you everyone for your help!

Megan…glad it worked out. Did you hold the “on” botton down to see if it would bring up the brighter screen?

Its on as bright as it gets, there are lines across the entire screen, so some parts are dark and some parts are barely visible. I will definitely be buying a skin for the new one and going to be much more careful!