I lost my Omnipod PDM

Hey guys! I lost my PDM recently after it being stolen around two months ago and me having to pay for it out of pocket. Insulet refuses to send me a PDM free of charge or at a discounted rate even though I had to pay for something I couldn’t control the last time. I’ve searched EVERYWHERE; the dumpster, under my bed, at work, at the movie theaters, in the street… I’m very frustrated because I don’t have $300 to give for a replacement PDM since I only work a part time job and I only work around 8 hours per week. I legit don’t even have $300 even if I wanted to cough them up… I’m just a broke college student.

Has anybody ever lost their PDM before and was able to get a replacement at no cost? Any suggestions?

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Post here, maybe in the facebook pod group. Someone may have one for you. Is it Dash or old version? They sent me a free one a year ago, it was the older one however. Area rep? One rep gave me a free one before I started the system. They usually have some. Blessings, hope you secure something right away.

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Yes, I did (edited to add, it wasn’t lost, but damaged and no longer under warranty). Insulet was very helpful and sent me a new one - the Eros version, not the new Dash version.

Dexcom also sent me a new receiver after mine accidently went through the washer.

You mention you are a college student. Are you covered under your parents insurance policy? Maybe that could be of some help to you?

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Hey! Thanks for the help! It’s the older version of the PDM. I just joined this forum hours ago… I don’t really know how to navigate the site or post on another topic. Do you know the specific link for the Facebook pod group?

Thanks for the help!

Hello! Well the problem is that insulet only replaces damaged PDMs at no cost. Every time I have called them I’ve been told that I have to pay out of pocket and if I can’t afford it I can do a “payment plan”. I have my own insurance, Healthfirst and my PDM is still in warranty. I was told that I must pay out of pocket unless the PDM has malfunctioned or is damaged. It sucks because I shouldn’t have to pay for something that I couldn’t control :frowning:

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@theamanduhshowww Do you have home-owners or renters insurance? You might want to check that policy, although the deductible may be more than the PDM itself.

Until you figure this out, do you have basal (log term) insulin? Do you know how to dose NPH? Can you put a call into your Doctor right away and ask about dosages? This is gonna take time to figure out. You need access to insulin right away. If you need to go back on syringe insulin, then you do that.

This used to happen to me in college. Once you live through the misery of this experience a few times, you will never let this happen again. I feel for ya’, Kid. This is tough. :grimacing:

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Look up the group Omnipod Users. There’s 20k members. Very very helpful. :slight_smile: