Pdm - 400

I know this isn't a site for selling and buy supplies, but my pdm screen broke last week. I had it on my console in my truck and as I turned a corner it slid off and across the seat, into the door. When I got to where I was going I opened it up and the screen was cracked from the inside (smooth to rub, but cracked on the inside). I called insulet to try to get another and they told me since I "dropped" it, I would have to buy another for $500. I asked them why don't they bill my insurance for it since the current insurance has yet to buy an insulin pump for me. They said that because I am still under warranty they wouldn't bill my insurance company. I was still using my pdm until a couple of days ago. Now the screen is completely unreadable. So I pulled my old pods back out and started using them again. I only have 2 of the old pods, so I'm about to be in a bind.

Could you talk to your insurance company personally to see if they could help? They may pay for it since being an accident. Also I thought insulit had pump loaners in case of lost or stolen can’t they lend you one till your warrenty expires? Hmmm

Call your endo and find out who your sales rep for Omnipod is in your area. Then call your rep and see if they have a spare. A lot of times the Sales Reps have extra and can "loan" you one. good luck and hope this helps.



well, there is nothing that anyone is going to do that can help. I tried the insurance and they said sorry. I called my endo to see if we had an omnipod rep and they said nope.....so I guess I need to start begging and borrowing friends and love ones for the rest of the $500 I need.

I thought I would share this link with you since it reminded me of your unfortunate situation. It's a cover that snaps over the OmniPod PDM. OmniPod PDM Cover (for PDM with Skin) There is also one sized to fit on the PDM without the silicone skin - PDM Cover (for PDM without skin)

Maybe this could save you some money in the future.

Anyways, I hope you were able to figure out a cheaper way to replace your PDM.

doesn't seem right that they cant help. Lots of reasons to drop PDM by accident, what about kids on omnipod who drop it? good luck.

Thank you! My son broke his screen yesterday. Just got new PDM and will definitly get this to protect it this next time.

No problem. Wow, sorry to hear. Seems like broken screens are the main reason people have to buy a new PDM before the warranty is up. Luckily that hasn't happened to me yet (knock on wood). I ordered a cover and the lancet/test strip organizer.

In the winter the zippered pouch fits well in my winter jacket's pocket, but I'm hoping this summer I can lightly the load just carrying these two items.

There is this Facebook page also: Freed DM Design