I need help and/or information

This is a long, I mean LONG shot, I know...

I recently received a new PDM from insulet because I felt my old one was starting to go. They sent a replacement, no hassle, as they do for most everything. Also, as they do for most everything, they asked I send back the old device. Which I was JUST getting around to doing when...

I kinda did the unthinkable. I put my PDM down for a hot sec while I had my arms full and left it. Really. It was right there, on top of my car and I left it in the parking garage. This never would have happened if I had brought my backpack with me. Long story short, it was not on the top of my car when I realized an hour later I didn't have it. Nobody turned it in either. I have checked every two hours each day since this happened.

Luckily I had the old PDM and have used that for a few days, though Insulet still wants me to send it back, and they are not able to replace the missing/stolen/stupidly left behind PDM. They graciously said I could order one for $500...which I do not have at the moment.

Is there any place (website/forum/support group/diabetic charity?!) I can find an old/used PDM anybody knows of?? I am going to see if my health insurance company will cover something like this, but realistically I think I'm screwed. Which is ok, it's my fault...any help or advice anybody has to give would be fantastic!


Hi bobbitron,

So if I understood right you lost the new pdm? Sorry to hear that I have an older model pdm not color screen but it works perfectly fine I only used it about 8months, because my very good friend who’s a nurse gave me a newer pdm the one with the color screen… anyway you are welcome to it you can message me if you like to see how we can about the shipping and all that good stuff :slight_smile:


So sorry to hear that, I could just see me in your shoes, all the blood rushing out of my face, when that realization of what had happened occurred to you. Yikes. About 3 months ago Insulet replaced my son's PDM. It had been damaged while in his backpack, I've seen him toss it around or a book could have smashed it, so he got a lecture, about the value stuff he carries around (D kit, Cgm, iPod, Cell) There was no cracked screen but it looked like an ink blot that slowly drew from the bottom to middle. Insulet said they would replace it, but only this time, next time, $500 too. We promptly tossed the zipper bag for a hard case, which he likes better anyway.
No advice on used PDMs, hopefully someone does. We have been highly anticipating the next generation so maybe when that happens the upgrade price will be less, or a new, current one will be discounted. Though will yours hold out that long? We've all made dumb costly mistakes that haunt us, don't be too hard yourself, Hopefully you'll get some other suggestions. Emily

My insurance company said I (apparently) have no limit to how many PDM devices they will purchase for me. Really not sure they know what they are talking about...anyhow I think it is all figured out now. Thanks for the help and empathy!

I am not even sure what the old PDM looks like! I appreciate the offer, you're awesome! I think I got my insurance company to cover it. Let's hope they remember when I have to call them for the bill I will inevitably get!

Do you have homeowners/renter's insurance? I have mine covered under my homeowners policy.


The older PDM

No problem I know what it feels like to not have enough supplies so just lending a hand :)