Clunky Ping Remote

I have insurance through Group Health in the lovely Pacific Northwest and have learned that Animas and Group Health have yet to finalize a contract regarding the Vibe. As a result, Group Health is currently declining all requests for the Vibe. In deciding whether I want to proceed with the Ping or wait until Animas and GH get their act together on the Vibe, I had question for Ping users about the remote. It seems incredibly big and clunky. Do you find it useful or do you tend to leave it at home due to its less than ideal size?

It seems the same size as other meters I've had in the past, though perhaps now they have smaller ones? I always take it with me 1. because it's my meter and I need to be able to test and 2. because I always use it to bolus. It seems some of us feel like we couldn't live without the meter/remote (the Vibe doesn't have one) and some others never use it.

I thought the remote would be great, but after the first few months I put it in a drawer and haven't used it since.

From notes by others on the forum, it seems that the remote is really most useful for those who don't wear their pumps such that they're easily accessible. I wear mine either attached to my trouser/jeans belt or just in a trouser/jean pocket. Women who wear skirts/dresses often have their pumps in locations far less accessible, so the remote is really nice for them.

Me, I use a smaller meter and don't bother carrying the remote. And I just use the pump itself to bolus.

Cheers -- Michael

I use my One Touch Ping meter as my main meter. I know I could use a smaller meter, but this meter seems to correlate well with my lab tests - so I am keeping it!

I wear my pump on my belt - so sometimes I do bolus from my pump. But the remote capability is important, particularly if I decide to wear a dress. In that case I wear my pump in my bra.

I’m one that won’t give up my meter remote, so that is a deal breaker for me when it comes to the Vibe. Even when my pump is easily accessible, I prefer using my meter-remote to bolus.

Thanks for the insights! I'd totally lost track of the fact that the remote is also a meter. Pump research has led to information overload. :-)

I think part of what bugged me was that the remote the rep showed me was in a big protective case that made it seem much clunkier than it has to be. In any event, it'll be nice once I finally have an answer from my insurer and the numbers from the supply place. I may end up staying with MDI just due to the money.

Hi Shadow Dragon, I'm in the lovely PNW too.

I have no interest in the Vibe 'cause I like the ability to bolus with the remote while the pump is securely in my "Leg Thing."

Hello fellow Seattle-ite! The Animas rep really encouraged me to think long and hard about that issue. I started out thinking I definitely wanted the Vibe, but with these comments, the meter remote issue is really swaying me the other way. Good thing since I have no idea if or when Group Health will even approve the Vibe.

I used the Ping for over two years before recently upgrading to the Vibe. I hated the Ping meter/remote. I found it incredibly slow in its communications with the pump and the scrolling to be more difficult than the scrolling on the pump. Mind you, I was using a Medtronic pump before and the meter communication to the pump was almost instantaneous. I personally don't need a remote, so I was probably more critical than someone who likes a remote.

I also didn't like the big drops of blood required for the Ping meter. I'm much happier with a Freestyle meter and also find it more accurate than the Ping meter.

I love, love the meter remote. I don't think I could switch to the Vibe because it doesn't have a remote. I think it really depends on lifestyle. I often wear dresses for work and it is easiest to wear my pump under the dress, so having the remote makes a huge difference. I'm also on the go a lot and like not having to remove my layers or a coat to bolus during the winter. I find this especially handy while riding the Metro. After two 2020's, having a Ping with remote access has made a big difference for me.

I do agree with Laddie that the meter remote is less accurate than my Freestyle Lite. That continues to be a hurdle for me, since I trusted that meter more.

I think One Touch is sort of hit or miss. I have had meters from them that are different from my A1C and lab draw by a lot. Or - right on. Right now the Ping meter I am using is right on with the lab results - well - as close as they can be. I have not used Freestyle in a while and loved their meters. I think my insurance will not cover their strips though.

Ah, yes, insurance! It made it a lot easier to give up my Freestyle after getting new insurance that covers my One Touch strips with no copay. Combined with controlling my pump, it's hard to argue with.

Until this fall it has been over a decade since I've used Lifescan/Onetouch meters and strips.

Interesting observation on the accuracy, Susan,