T:slim user considering switching to Ping - Does the remote bolus ever get old?

I'm an old 20/20 user who went off the pump a few years ago and am back in the game as of last week. I'm on the Tandem t:slim now, but I'm wondering if I made the wrong choice and should switch back to an Animas (yay 30-day trial period!).

This is mostly because I'm remembering one of the reasons I went off the pump all those years ago: annoyed with having to constantly fish it out of wherever it was in order to bolus. Reaching my hand down my shirt to pull it out of my bra is not less conspicuous than shooting up with syringes; going between my legs to access my garter if I was wearing a dress isn't much better; and peeling away the millions of layers I wear in Boston's frigid winter months to find my pump isn't super fun either. The remote bolus of the Ping is so appealing, but I've heard that the scrolling gets old real quick.

The t:slim also allows you to set up multiple "profiles" that include basal rates, as well as I:C ratios, ISFs, and BG targets. Animas only lets you create one additional basal profile, no? You have to change the other settings independently (and back again when you're over your cold, your period, your hangover...).

I'm digging the t:slim's great design, thinness, and touch screen (no scrolling!), but that remote bolus is just so damn alluring.

Any thoughts?


Personally, I think we get used to whatever we choose - good and bad aspects, and all pumps have some of both. I have a Ping and LOVE the remote. I can't imagine having to pull out my pump to bolus. It's not just that it's more accessible (I often clip mine to my waist so it's no biggie) but also that it's one smooth operation. I can't imagine taking out a meter, taking my blood sugar, then putting it down and picking up a pump. (And, I assume plugging in the BG). The scrolling is annoying but I'm used to it and it rarely bugs me. I didn't know about the "profiles" of the tslim. That's cool, but I rarely use a temporary basal rate so I wouldn't want to exchange a very infrequent convenience for one I enjoy multiple times a day (the meter remote).

Remember too you can setup the audio bolus feature if you want. As long as you can reach the pump button you dont need to see the screen to bolus, and the audio feedback tells you how much you are bolusing. No remote needed! :slight_smile:

The other thing is the PING supports up to four basal profiles, not just two. But the ISF and I:CHO has to be changed independently, which does get a bit silly IMHO.

The remote meter is the reason I have stayed with Animas. There is not a lot of scrolling with the remote meter as compared to the Animas Ping pump. You take your blood sugar and can go from there right to the bolus options.

There are 4 basal profiles. numerous I:C ratios (12), numerous ISFs (12)and BG targets (12) that can be set up in the Advanced setup.How many more is needed?????

The remote bolus does not have a lot of scrolling but the Animas pump does.

I say all this with experience only with Animas and Medtronic pumps. The tslim is cool and has a nice interface - but if you want a remote - the Animas is great.

I have the Ping and I rarely if ever use the remote. I don't always like to have the meter associated with the Ping with me - it's kinda big. So I am used to entering my carbs and bg in manually. I recently replaced my 7-year old Ping with a new one and am waiting for the Vibe (with the CGM integration) to be approved by the FDA. I'm looking forward to just one device on my belt etc. One thing that I find real handy is a pump camisole I found at John Walsh's website the Diabetes Mall. www.diabetesnet.com Except for wearing a turtleneck, I can just reach into my top and access the pump. I didn't like what the clips for the pump would do to the bras I had, and I didn't want to just tuck it in. The pump cami has a little pocket "between the girls" so it doesn't shift. I had no luck with the Thigh garter thing, if I moved to much, it became an ankle thing. I've worn formfitting dresses with the cami and it is quite discrete. For strapless dresses, I purchased a bandeau bra that was to small to serve as a bra, wore it around my waist and tucked the pump in there. If I had room in my bag, then I'd bring the remote. Otherwise I would go somewhere to lift the skirt etc. A little inconvenience was worth it to me since I like being a fashionista. There are also things called "pump bands" available that work like my bandeau bra trick

I am on the Ping because I love it's remote control. I literally almost never take it out of my bra, and that is so nice. It does have 4 different basal programs that you can set, plus you can set a +/- X% for X # of hours if you ever need to as well.
With the Ping you also set your i:C raios, ISF, and glucose targets based on the time of time.
I wish there was a pump that had features of both the Ping and T Slim, but for now, there's not, so remote bolusing and the fact that it's fully waterproof wins out for me.
The scrolling on the meter really really isn't a big deal at all to me.

I’ve been on the Ping for over 5 years. I am thinking of switching to the tslim since the vibe is not yet approved. What are some other pros and cons of both?

Not sure if you know this, but the Vibe won't have a remote meter like the Ping does. That's why I know I'd just rather stick with the Ping.

Denise, I know that the Vibe won't have the remote - since I never use it I doubt I will miss it. I'm most excited about having the Decom4 that I have already and love, integrated into the pump- so one device, There was the possibility for me to choose the T-slim, but I figured I'd wait until the Vibe is available (not holding my breath mind you - it is the FDA - and I was pissed when thee govt shut down last year). ANyway I will be able to upgrade for about $99.n

I went with the t:slim because of the size, the screen, the ease of use, and the fact that I just like using it - as opposed to my old Animas 20/20, which, as I understand it, is identical to the Ping, minus the remote. I think there's a lot to be said for enjoying something about your diabetes devices.

Plus, the multiple profiles are great. To Susan's point - the difference between the t:slim and the Ping is that the profiles on the t:slim can be made as a highly tailored, all-inclusive package that are saved and used whenever the need arises. That means while I'm on my period, I can not only have a different basal rate, but also a different I:C ratio and ISF. With the Ping, I can have a couple of saved basal profiles, but I have to manually change my different I:C ratio and ISF every month (and maybe I use all 12 of them! how annoying would that be??). Then I have to change them back when my period is finished. If you don't have needs like that or don't mind reprogramming your pump twice a month, then it's not a big deal.

I also like the fact that t:slim is in talks with Dexcom to integrate their tech. Once they do, the display will be pretty amazing. Though with the FDA, who knows how long it'll take for the Vibe or the Tandem version to be for sale here in the States...

Finally, I really liked the fact that the t:slim was the pump used for the artificial pancreas study at Joslin. I think that says a lot about the tech and the company and may be an indicator of who's on track to come out with the dual chamber device someday...waaaaay in the future, I know, but it makes me feel good about what others think of as a new and unproven company.

All that being said - remote bolusing is still pretty dope and you can't beat the Ping's waterproof guarantee...Why can't they just combine the two???!

I initially chose the Ping because it is waterproof since I swim and I have been known to be out in all kinds of weather and I don't want to have to worry about keeping my pump dry. I wasn't thinking about the remote meter. However, that has become the primary way I bolus. Even though my pump is nearly always clipped to my belt and accessable I will always use the meter remote, if possible.

I’m a newly diagnosed type 1( May 2013)… I did a lot of research during my 3 days in the ICU as I recovered from DKA . The ping just made sense … Waterproof, multiple program modes, and integration with glucometer ( ping). I’m very discrete with my pump and it’s very nice to be able to program without pulling out the pump. It’s a great little device that has made tight control of my diabetes almost an afterthought . FYI , I also use a dexcom g4 … Great device!!
Good luck.

First, welcome to the club you didn't intend to join! There is a great group of people here. As I stated earlier, I don't use the remote. One reason was that it wasn't has well-lit as the pump itself - no matter how I set the contrast/brightness. But I am very happy with the Ping as a pump and when it is integrated with the Dexcom4 YAY! I check the FDA medical device approval report at least once a week. The Ping is already approved, and so is the Dexcom4. In fact I believe the Dexcom4 got approved in only 6 months. So I am hopeful it won't be too much longer.

Hi Courtney,

IMHO, the remote on the Animas Ping isn't all that great. In fact, it can be quit annoying. My complaint is with the scrolling feature for designating the number of carbs in a meal, and the scrolling command for setting the number of insulin units to deliver. Both scrolling features move extremely slow at first. Once it starts to scroll then it takes off at top speed. So if you're dialing up the number of carbs, the first 5 or 6 carbs scroll through very slow, and then it takes off and before you can blink, the scroll has shot up to 60+ 70+ 80+ carbs. It is very frustrating, and causes lots of back-and-forth scrolling to get the number right.

I rarely use my remote because of this annoyance. When I do use the remote, I tend to swear at the scroll function once or twice.

That my $0.02 regarding the Ping's remote.

Cheers, Mike

I also wish that after you enter carbs and BG that the number that shows up for the dose is the number the pump calculated. You can always tweak it, but that is sort of extra scrolling and time. Granted it is only a little time, but I would like it to start the dose at the recommendation. There I go again whine whine whine (yes, I would like an appetizer with my whine)

I have read that they can't do this because Medtronics holds a patent on this feature. Sounds stupid but that's patents for you. This is said to be what forced Smiths (Deltec Cozmo) out of the pump market as they did this. I think on the Vibe if you press the UP button it comes up with the recommended dose & then you can alter that.

January 15, 2014 marks nine months since the Vibe was submitted to the FDA. But who's counting?!!

I have had my Ping for 3.5 years and I love it. I almost always use my remote to bolus. I find that easier than pulling my pump off my waistband. I especially love that when I am wearing a dress, when my pump is hidden underneath. I can't imagine digging into my clothing to get my pump. I hear the Vibe does not have a meter remote. That will make me SO sad :-(

did you know that the meter has a light on it? if you hold one of the buttons down the screen will light up

I have been on a pump for almost 9 years, I started with animas 20/20 because of the waterproof and colored screen. I also just thought it looked better than the medtronic. I stuck with them and changed over to the ping 4 years ago. There are a few annoyances but I can't bring myself to change because of the remote. I wear my pump on my calf because I am wearing a tool belt at work and I don't like to have it on my belt. I have looked at the t slim and really like it. I would get it in a heartbeat if they had a remote.