OneTouch UlstraSmart work with Ping?

Hello friends,

So as you've guessed by now, I have the OneTouch Ping pump. I have the remote that comes with it, but find the display...difficult to deal with. The lady that gave me training on the pump said second or third quarter OT was going to release a color remote that matches the colors of the ping screen, but who wants to wait? My question is, does anyone here know if the UltraSmart remote works with the pump?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched UltraSmart and didn't find anything.


Unfortunately nothing but the Ping remote works with the Ping. I have the same issues you do - the screen is abysmal, even with the backlight on. The Vibe (new animas pump) with the color remote is already available elsewhere, but the FDA in their infinite wisdom hasn't yet approved it. Go figger.

how come we have the colour screen on the meter remote in Canada and you guys don't? we're usually way behind the rest of the world in these things!!!!

How much is the remote in Canada? I may have to drive up to Thunder Bay lol or pay you to ship me one ;)

Yeah, I've had the same thought, but can't find anyone who can tell me if the Vibe remote will work with the Ping.

One problem might be the BG units, Canada uses mmols & the US mg/dl, the remote would need a set up option to change the settings.

Just thinking out loud but wouldn't that be something changeable via remote or software on software installation?

there is no software installation, its a blood glucose meter, it is what it is, it just happens to be able to control your pump as well.

That said, I have no idea how much the meter remote costs, it came with my pump and I went through the government so I don't have a bill of sale or anything listing prices.

Its not like just a meter, you cant go buy it at the pharmacy, have to get it from animas

All I can tell you is that I stopped using my ping remote due to the LCD and also having to use a IR remote to download the information to my Endo. I switched over to a Bayer Contour USB Meter and haven't regretted it. I like that it has a color display and that I can plug the USB end of the meter into my Mac after taking off the cap.

I check my BG 5 times a day since my liver transplant. Plus my endo loves it due to she plugs it into her computer to get all my readings in a PDF or Excell report. As far as the pump I do it using the pump buttons. I been pumping for 4 years and am amazed that the ping meter has not been updated to color or usb plug in. As far as the ping goes it is a good unit.

What I cannot understand why the FDA is a PIA about the vibe. When I go back to London I will get one from the NHS. But according to Animas USA the vibe will not be here for a long while. The European Union has approved the Vibe but not the FDA. What a bloody joke since the EU is stringent on medical products.

I guess no congressman are in the same fix as us.

Im almost positive the vibe does not have a remote, this feature had to be eliminated to integrate dexcom with the vibe.

Really??? Wow, there goes my interest in the vibe!

Brian, yeah, you're right... it's the Ping. DUH!

I hate the remote... very difficult to see. I even called, complained and said it was defective and they sent me a new one.... just as bad as the first. Surely they know. LOL. If there is a new one... I can't wait.

If You Want To See What The Animas Vibe CGM Looks Like, and See All The Relevant Information About It Including Downloading The User Manual. I have enclosed the UK Website Address Below:

My Advice Is Start Writing Your Congress Person, FDA, And Anyone Else To Get Them To Move There A**. It Is Absolutely Crazy That This Unit Cannot Be Approved In The USA Because The FDA Has Done Nothing About It. Also The Animas USA Staff have No Information Or Release Date On The Vibe CGM.


The new ping remote with the color screen is night and day compared to the old one. It is so clear and the scrolling is not as "jumpy" Very smooth scrolling and much quicker to navigate through screens. My friend from Canada has the new remote and I was able to play with it. It made me want to use the remote all the time! So, when it does come out it will be a very good, needed improvement.

I just took a look at that site and wow! That looks sharp! It has a cgm built in! That's really cool. I've always said the dex needle is far more painful than it should be, where as the ping has zero pain. I live about two hours from Canada, I might have to make a trip up there ;)

I have some information - 1) the ultraSmart does not have a radio to communicate with a pump built in to it :( 2) a color screen Ping remote is available in Canada - tourist for a month to Canada???? Our Fools, Dumbies and A... (FDA) consider a color screen to be a new device and require a short form application for approval. I cannot find out if it is in the approval pipeline or not.

I live like 2 hours from Thunder Bay, ON maybe rent a place there lol.

Sucks about the UltraSmart and this stupid vibe needs to hurry up and get out here in the US!

Thanks for the info though.

That was the meter i was using when i was still sticking needles in me. I loved it also because of the color screen and that it worked with my mac. I still have it as a back up device