Help me decide between the Ping and Vibe!

Hi guys,

I'm in the process of getting approved for a pump. I have been leaning towards the Animas Ping, but now that the Vibe has been approved, I don't know anymore! I already have a Dexcom G4. If I got the Vibe, would the only perk be that I would have one less thing to carry? I've never had a pump, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is that bit of convenience worth giving up the meter remote for?

Thank you!

From reading your profile, it looks like this is your first pump. If you think that you'll be wearing your pump under your clothes, the remote will be valuable to you. It'll also save you some number inputting when you use the meter remote to measure your blood sugar. It takes the reading and uses it to calculate a correction bolus, for instance.

I stopped using the meter remote for the Ping since I didn't get along with the scroll speed, causing me to over-scroll and under-scroll. I've read about others that have become used to this and it doesn't bother them. Another member, Zoe, really likes the meter remote feature.

I don't like the idea of the Vibe pump body being the Dexcom receiver. My biggest problem with it is that I do not dependably hear my pump alarms now when I'm sleeping. It seems other people have no problem with this. I keep my Dex receiver at night where it can give me full-throated alarms.

Since you already have the Dex receiver, you could choose to run both the Vibe as a receiver as well as your current receiver. Then you'd have the best of both worlds.

The recent Dexcom G4 505 firmware update only applies to the stand-alone Dex receiver. That software update has improved the accuracy of the stand-alone receiver. The Vibe cannot utilize that update, so its accuracy will lag the stand-alone receiver. I would be put off from making a four-year commitment to a rig that was already technologically dated right out of the box.

The Ping has been a very dependable system for me, Customer service has been responsive. The Ping and Vibe use standard leur-lock connectors connectors so that makes many different styles of infusion sets available to you.

Both the Ping and Vibe are hard to read in the bright sunshine, a defect that I feel should have been corrected ages ago. The Ping will not populate the dose field once it is calculated but the Vibe will. This saves a lot of up-scrolling to get to your dose.

Using the Vibe pump body as your CGM receiver gives you both a pump and CGM receiver that is water-proof, something the Dex stand-alone receiver is not.

I see you're new to diabetes this year. I love using an insulin pump to control my BGs. It can be a lot of work and learning in the beginning but once you refine your skills, it is a tremendous tool. It can provide a lot of flexibility with your lifestyle. But remember, you are the one that needs to make it work well. It is just a dumb tool!

I recommend reading Think Like a Pancreas by Scheiner and Using Insulin by Walsh. Most doctors and even diabetes educators do not have the time, persistence, or chops to fine tune your program. They can get you started but honing in on your customized settings is often left up to the user. I hope that's not true in your case but it often is.

You'll need to learn how to change your protocol anyways since diabetes is a dynamic disease; once you settle on some great settings, your needs will change. It's part of the deal. Plan on it. Good luck!

Thank you! This is a lot of great information.

This will indeed be my first pump. Initially, I was against the idea of pumping, but as things progress I've realized that I really do need the flexibility that pump therapy offers, especially the varying basal rates. You're 100% right about doses and things changing often... I've been struggling with that all year. Unfortunately things are changing so often that my doctors would rather keep me a little high than help me completely revamp my treatment plan every month or so, so I'm left to my own devices for the most part. Several people have recommended Think Like A Pancreas... guess I'll have to pick up a copy!

You bring up a very good point about the Vibe's integrated CGM being dated. I hadn't thought of that. I have the new software on my Dexcom now, and would hate to take a step back, accuracy-wise. I also really like the idea of my meter "speaking" to my pump... and I've always got a purse full of snacks and such anyway, so carrying one more thing isn't really a big deal. Even if I don't use the meter all the time, I think having it will benefit me more than having an integrated CGM.

Well... I think I'm going to go with the Ping unless anyone can make a better case for the Vibe!

Thanks again for being so thorough. Your generosity means a lot!

You're welcome, May. There's a lot on your plate right now. Don't let it discourage you. Learn as much as you can but realize it will take time and you will get better at it.

Doctors and other medicos have limited usefulness. In a short time you will realize that you know more than they do about managing blood glucose. You will be at this 24/7/365; they only work at it 40 or 50 hours per week. It adds up!

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I just got my Ping in September and was considering making the upgrade, but the more I think about losing the remote control (which I use constantly) the more I think I'll just wait the next 4 years to upgrade when (hopefully) things are even more streamlined. I am not on CGM now, and know I can add one if I really want to. The expense is really hard for me to justify right now, though.

I know Medtronic is testing a combo sensor/infusion set in Europe and that sounds awesome. My hope is that by the time I'm ready for a new pump it'll all be integrated, with a remote control, and only one thing to attach to your body.....sigh. We can all dream.

My 2 cents.

Diabetes mine has a pretty good comparison of the two:

I really like my ping which just came last month. For me the remote control is a must have that the vibe doesn't have. This is your first pump but it is a supreme hassle to pull your pump out of your dress, bra or wherever you hid it in order to bolus in a restaurant, when you are comfortably bundled or any such situation.

Hi May! Welcome to the wonderful world of pumping! I absolutely love my pump! I was misdiagnosed with Type 2 about 2 years ago. I actually have Type 1 (latent autoimmune diabetes). I spent like a week on MDI before getting my Medtronic pump. This past May, I upgraded to the Animas One Touch Ping. I love it so much! I really thought that when the VIBE came out that I would want to upgrade. I don't now though. I love the Ping's meter remote and I like having my Dexcom separate. I wear my pump under my clothes so it would be annoying to pull it out all the time to look at the Vibe to get my BG readings. Also, the VIBE's Dexcom alarms aren't loud enough to wake most people. That's a MAJOR problem for me. I drop low in the night and never know until Dex wakes me up! Another problem I see with the VIBE is that the Dexcom software on it can't be updated. My Dexcom receiver is running the latest software and it has improved its accuracy greatly. Anyway, after you get a pump you will learn what things you like and don't like. I never would have predicted that I would love the meter remote so much. It's hard to imagine life with a pump until you actually use one. As I said before, I started out with the Medtronic and changed to Animas. There were tons of things that annoyed me about Medtronic....but I wouldn't have known that until I actually tried it!!! I definitely encourage you to do your research and really think about your lifestyle. If there is any change you think you might wear your pump tucked away and want to use the meter remote I would definitely go with the Ping. Choosing a pump is a big decision especially when most of us are stuck with that decision for 4 years. I'm so glad that you are able to get a pump. It has changed my life!!!

"left to my own devices" ha ha!! Good one!