Coconut Oil and Diabetes

A friend of mind recommended Coconut Oil for my diabetes and for other ailments. Has anyabody tried or heard of the use of Coconut oil for diabetes or other ailments? I am worried because it is a saturated fat. I haven’t heard of too many things good about Coconut oil but it is suppose to help I am willing to try it.


Christalyn for what to use on your body or something else?

to take as a supplement. I am having other problems that I want to use the coconut oil for but ultimately I am concerned about it being a saturated fat…My girlfriend told me to take 2-3 tablespoons a day…

I use coconut oil!

I mainly use it in my food preparation for like raw cookies/pie crusts etc…

I know it’s good for you digestion and helps with some absorption with calcium.

Also makes a good skin cream. I usually put it on after a shower.

Coconut water is supposed to be good for diabetics. It has a high level of electrolytes (better than Gatorade) and the closest to human plasma. It is excellent if you are dehydrate. The meat from coconut nuts is supposed to be good for controling your sugars. I haven’t tried it though since I became diabetic but the meat is tasty in young coconut. The oil itself is anti-viral and anti-bacterial so it supports your immune system. There is a small book about all the things coconut can do. The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil.

Don’t worry about the saturated fat in it. It is tons better than the saturated fat in animal products. Btw, coconut water has no fat in it.

I use virgin coconut oil for cooking. Only saturated fats are stable at higher cooking temperatures. Non-saturated fats form dangerous compounds at high temps.

Can’t say that it has helped by BG, but it’s a healthy fat, like Kimberly said. I also use coconut oil on dry skin, mostly on my feet.

I mainly use it for cooking and baking too. But I heard that it is recommend for scalp/hair and skin care too. They also use it in spa clinics for massaging and stress relief.

I just remember it being used for movie popcorn and the fat from movie popcorn is suppose to be horrible unless that has changed.

I came across a study on this last year and wrote about it on my blog, about the benefits of coconut oil for diabetics. While the study was based on the benefits of using coconut oil to ward of diabetes, I think any substance that will retard Insulin resistance is still beneficial for a diabetic.
below is an expert and a link to the complete study…

“Previous studies had linked coconut oil to high cholesterol because it is high in saturated fat. But Recently Coconut oil has become acceptable because it now known that it contains medium chain fatty acids which are healthier than the long chain fatty acids found in animal products.”

Coconut Oil could prevent diabetes

The key distinction, as Gerri mentioned, is getting virgin coconut oil. I saw on the Today Show that it is wonderful, and they highly recommended it… But they said to use the virgin kind – not the regular kind.

Christalyn, I forgot to mention if you want to start taking coconut oil as a supplement and see if it helps you, lots of people start with one tablespoon a day than work your way up to three if you think it is helping you. You can just eat it right from the spoon if you like the taste of it or some people use it as a spread on things like you would butter. It can take a while to see any results but it is a good fat so don’t worry too much about that but be sure to replace some of your others fats with it if you are trying to losing weight. And make sure you get the virgin - the less heat processed the better.

I use it on my skin and I have used as a deep conditioner on my hair too. Helps with flakey scalp also.

I have popped popcorn with it and it is wonderful! I love the smell and I think it is quite tasty! If you have an oil popper and can eat a little popcorn it is tons better than butter or other oils. Yes, movie popcorn oil is horrible - most isn’t pure oil - it is a bunch of chemicals and the “butter” is articifically colored yellow. It’s pretty bad stuff. I used to make my own with coconut oil at home and sneak it in to the movies. I think you will like it.

Thanks for the Relies…but this next question is ONLY FOR THE LADIES!!!

Once you read further you will understand…

While taking coconut oil as a supplement, have you experienced any changes in your menstruation? did you notice the flow decreasing or the whole event being eliminated for a month or several weeks? This is important to me because I am taking Coconut Oil to control my severely uncontrollable menstruation on the advice of a friend. This is why I am concerned about it being a saturated fat. I have more control over the Diabetes than I do of my menstruation.

Nope. Can’t imagine any oil stopping or delaying menstruation. Did coconut oil do this to your friend’s period?

Have you been checked for uterine fibroids? I had the worst time when I had fibroids.

I had 2 lbs of fibroids removed 2 years ago. This is funny because my sister had a 3 lbs baby last your!! the kid is fine. I have been in therapy for this for several years for this. I do know diabetes can contribute to the situation.

My friend who knows both of my ailments, LIVES by this website. This is where she found out about the Coconut oil is suppose to help with the bleeding as well as diabetes. Right now I am willing to do anything before I have to go back for a transfusion again.

Can relate to the fibroids. There were days I didn’t leave the house because of the excessive flow.

Curious, so I searched earthclinic & found one reference to coconut oil for menstrual issues. Lots of people mentioned blackstrap molasses as a miracle cure & of course apple cider vinegar is a cure for everything from dandruff to cancer:) The problem with sites like these is that it’s anecdotal, not scientific, evidence. If molasses is helping women with difficult periods, they’re probably mineral deficient. It’s the magnesium that’s assisting with cramping & flow. I take these things with more than a couple grains of salt.

I use expeller pressed virgin coconut oil to oven roast brussel sprouts. They come out tasting slightly sweet. Its become my “go to” food when I need to eat something low carb but nothing else sounds good.

And I use coconut milk in my coffee. When I was drinking the usual stuff you get at the coffee shop (mochas - got to have the chocolate), I had to take 6 or 7 units of fast acting to cover the chocolate syrup and lactose. Now I brew some extra strong coffee at home, add a dropperful of stevia and top it off with a BIG glop of coconut milk. This way I only 2 or 3 units to deal with the dawn phenomenon. One of my cats loves coconut milk and sits in the kitchen waiting for me to get the that stage in the coffee prep. Neither of us is overweight, rather have lovely, shiny coats. :wink:

I tried taking a spoonful as a supplement and just about gagged. Hide it in my food and we are good to go.

I didnt notice any changes in my cycle, but my skin now produces its own oil again. This was after a three year battle with extremely, extremely dry skin.

I think I remember reading that it does have anti-microbial(?) properties. Don’t remember where or what the details were, but I mentally noted that it was another reason for it to be good for you.

Hope this help you.

hydrogenated fat isn’t good for anybody

Virgin Coconut oil is NOT a hydrogenated oil. It can be further processed into a hydrogenated oil, but it is not, per se, a hydrogenated oil.

…and not just movie popcorn “butter” is unhealthy, but packaged popcorn you buy in the store. The problem isn’t natural butter so much (which I melt and drizzle over popcorn - only about once a month), because an amount of saturated fats are essential for our good health.

The BIGGIE to know about - and avoid like the plague - is “hydrogenated” oil and all “trans fats”. Even if it says “partially hydrogenated” don’t buy it!

Here is part of an article I recently read…

"After closely scrutinizing data from scientific studies and reviews, many European countries have either banned hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils altogether or have instituted future dates for elimination of their use in foods. These government actions concerning the trans fatty acids hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils) is directly related to studies that link trans fatty acid (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil) consumption from processed foods to the development of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease."
The New England Journal of Medicine, June 24, 1999

Coconut oils, especially for those with diabetes, can be beneficial, as many have already noted here…