Coeliac symptoms?

Hey, T1D for 3 years, currently low iron and hashimotos as well.
I’ve been going low for about a week now, no physical reason for this to happen, however i have been getting like loose stool and feeling sick (possible coeliac symptoms after some wiki dr. aha), anyway would this be the reason i am going low after all my meals at the moment,that maybe my body isn’t processing the gluten properly or something, i saw my diabetes team today but forgot to ask them. avoiding having to go to the doctor

Thanks Adele

It is impossible to diagnose you with coeliac by symptoms alone. There’s such a wide range of possible coeliac symptoms. I don’t know about a relationship between coeliac disease and hypoglycemia. In coeliac patients gluten invokes an immune response that destroys the intestinal villi which in turn impairs the ability to absorb nutrients. So it might affect the absorption of carbs. If these symptoms continue, please contact your doctor.

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You are right, it can be quite difficult to diagnose. And it is also deadly. It is however, fairly easy to figure out if you should pursue it with your doctor, as I did.

Just eliminate ALL grains and items made with grains such as beer. Eliminate all of it. After a few days you should see some difference in how you feel. After a week or so your symptoms should be gone. Then if you eat a small amount (for me it was one Chiro) and you will find out if that is the culprit. Record this process and share it with your doctor. I found out that I have celiac this way.

After doing this I was still having some issues. After more experimenting I found that every single artificial sweetener (Stevia included) caused me severe gut issues. I eliminated all of them as well and have not had any problems since then.

I’m not celiac, but I read if you are getting tested for it, you shouldn’t change your eating habits.

The only way to diagnose celiac disease is through a blood test for antibodies and, ultimately, through a biopsy of the small intestine. If gluten is eliminated before these tests are done, no diagnosis of celiac can be made because the tests could come back negative even if one has celiac. If you don’t care about a diagnosis and just want to eat gluten free, go for it. If you want a diagnosis of true celiac disease (which is an important diagnosis to have if suspected), get tested before eliminating gluten. People can have a gluten sensitivity or allergy to wheat or similar issues without having celiac disease.

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I have celiac disease, Hashi’s and TD2. I urge you to get tested first before going gluten free! It took me over a year to finally feel better and months for my anemia to resolve. Learn more about testing at the University of Chicago’s celiac website which is very well written.