i am type 1 and i wanted to know if anyone knows how many carbs are in like a cup of coffe because i have not been diabetic for long and havent drank coffe since and was just wondering. Thanks

Coffee and tea themselves don’t have any carbs. If you add milk and/or sugar, then all bets are off.

There are no carbs in black coffee. It’s the caffeine that can make your body produce adrenaline and in turn causes your liver to dump glucose into your bloodstream. For a long time I did not need to take insulin for coffee but I’m past my honeymoon now. I take half a unit for 2 cups and one unit for 3 cups and fortunately this has been consistent.

No need to suffer without your java! A little trial and error should get it figured for you, especially if you drink the same amount every day.

thanks so if i do add milk or sugar i should just account for those carbs with insulin. also so drinking coffe does make your sugar go up tho

I know that a tall soy latte from Starbucks is a carb serving. Drink one every Saturday.

I drink coffee with a small amount of milk and splenda. A cup of milk has 12g of carbs. I drink less than a quarter cup of milk (so <4g) and add only Splenda. But still I give insulin as if I was eating 10-15 g of carbs because the caffeine raises my blood sugar.

One of our members who uses a continuous blood glucose monitor could see that coffee alone raised her blood sugar about 20-30 mg/dl.

The Starbucks type of flavored coffees have LOADS of carbs (often over 30g). So avoid anything when they put flavoring syrup in it unless you know that the syrup is sugar free.

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I have had Type 1 for 48 years and counting. I have been drinking coffee since college and since switched to a zero nutrional type of 1/2 & 1/2. I have tried black but did not like it. Have talked to my nurse practitioner and she said to go for it. Some speak about caffeine, it may raise the adrenaline which may raise your BG, so be aware.