Type 1 and caffeine sensitivity

is anyone like me who is sensitive to caffeine like coffee diet pop its seem like when I drink something with it my blood sugar rises ugh frustrating…

Yep, same here. If my BG is 100 or more when I get up, I have to take one-two units of insulin for my coffee (depends on what my BG is). If it’s under 100, I can get by without. BG still rises, but usually ends up at a good number come lunch time.
As for diet pop - I usually drink pop without caffeine.


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This, like a thousand other things, seems to be very individual. I know a number of PWD whose BG, like yours, is highly sensitive to caffeine. Then there are others of us for whom it isn’t. YDMV.

I seem to be sensitive to something in coffee but it has the opposite effect on me, drives my BG down ever so slightly.
For a while I thought it might actually be the Splenda I use as a sweetener at work but several experiments eliminated it.

I am very sensitive to caffeine though, too much gets me really wired and it doesn’t take much to cross that threshold. More than 2 cups in a day and I’m up all night, but I have to have some everyday or I get the horrible lack of caffeine headache.


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my body reacts funny to things just the way the insulin reacts I always been a lil different of how my body processes carbs and things btw I love! coffee no one get in between me and coffee lol

thank you!

yea may I should try that lol I love my coffee so I try to figure out better solutions to enjoy with out my bg rising

I am like you Marie. I drank coffee for many years, without a problem. About two years ago I started having much higher BG two hours after breakfast, I knew other online people who said coffee raised their BG, so I stopped coffee for several days, and there were only normal highs. A cup of coffee with only one tsp of instant coffee raises my BG about 50 points. I do not have this problem with tea, so hot tea for breakfast is a good thing. I asked this question in another online group, and there were many replies saying coffee does raise the BG significantly, I have avoided saying that caffeine is the problem, but what else would it be? One friend said it is the coffee bean, not the caffeine.


This morning my fasting bs was 113. One cup of coffee w/ half n’ half later… 168!

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How much half n’ half did you use?
I suspect that’s what caused the BG spike.


I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and I get higher sugars so a take a lil insulin to cover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Especially when I add light coconut milk

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I find I have a very mild rise from caffeine, nothing to even dose for. With the coffee it depends on what I put in it. If I could drink it black I would. No insulin needed. But I don’t, and usually need 2 units of insulin to cover it. Diet coke? no significant rise.

i have always spiked from caffeine in coffee in the am, but as the days go on, i don’t notice so much of a spike. but, i liked my coffee with 4 Splendas and half and half. if i want to drink a am coffee i need about 2 units to cover. i still spike slightly, but not as bad.

for some unknown reason, i can drink caffeinated diet sodas w/out spiking at all. not even a point. and, i can drink sodas in the am w/out any problem at all. so, that being said, i doubt it is the Splenda, b/c there is Splenda in diet sodas and it doesn’t effect me one bit. it’s the luck of the draw i suppose. but, i have not had a cup of coffee in about 3 yrs now; its just not worth the guess work.

.25 I use milk and equal

its nice to know im not the only one I love coffee its my bae lol joke :slight_smile:

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see when I drink any thing with caffeine I spike in the 200s I cant be over 250 or that gets bad I could be the sugar alcohol in the pop I’ve questioned it

I have always been fairly sensitive to the effects of caffeine, and I take about 3-4 units for a large iced coffee (black or with a little unsweetened nut milk or a little cream). I really like my coffee, so I’m ok with dosing for it. No carbs in that really, certainly not the 30 or so that insulin would normally cover for me, so I’m assuming it’s the caffeine causing my liver to release more glucose. This suspicion is amplified by the fact that if my liver glucose production is suppressed (I’ve had alcohol or I’ve had multiple lows in the past day), I can drink coffee with little to no extra insulin. Same for when I’m so depleted at the end of grant-writing cycles that the caffeine appears to have no noticeable stimulant effect.

Diet Coke/soda on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have enough caffeine to trigger the same effect for me. However, I also tend to have that later in the day, when I suspect my liver is less reactive.

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I guess its just different for everyone wait I did not know our liver functions that way I must not pay attention enough lol