Coffee - Anyone else getting highs?

After I went on my pump I couldn’t figure out why my sugar was spiking to around 250ish after a perfect reading when I woke up, until I started suspecting coffee might be the culprit. So, I would check and check and check, before and after the morning coffee, with and without, and I can now say that coffee (a little non-dairy creamer (2g carb per serving, no sugar) was spiking my BG. I have since switched to tea and it does not raise my BG. Anyone else experienced this?

i know that quite a few people have that spike with coffee. i know i do. depending on what my BG is in the morning determines whether or not i have that cup of coffee or not. most of the time i just drink a diet pepsi to get my morning caffeine.

I have never liked coffee very much but I started having one cup every morning with my wife several years ago. My 2 hour post breakfast BG was typically 20-40 points higher than before I ate. I had to raise my dosage. Recently I drank hot tea instead of coffee. My 2 hour post meal BG was quite a bit lower than before I ate. It was the same thing the next several mornings. I have stopped drinking coffee, I like tea better. I have changed my morning carb ratio from 3 to 4 and my post meal BG’s are great.