Coffee Anyone?

How do you handle high BG caused by coffee. I like to sip a cup over a two hour period in the AM.

I figured out how many units I needed. I am on a 1 unit to 5 carb ratio and me inputting 35 carbs for coffee works for me.

I’m not a big coffee drinker, and my esspresso in the mornings has no real effect on my sugars…at least none that I have been able to see…

Tammy I too use 1 unit to every 5 grams of carbs, but my one cup in the AM with the non dairy creamer in it…I only carb 15 grams. I am mostly carbing for the creamer in mine.

Christine, if you are confident of your am basal rates, just experiment with it. Eat something very low carb for breakfast like eggs and drink your coffee. Then check BG all morning and see what your BG are running. Do that for 2 or 3 mornings and you should have a good idea.


I do the same. I drink for a couple of hours each morning and my coffee combined with my morning rise really was hard on me. We figured out that as soon as I get up I have to test and treat immediately for 10 carbs. Then I drink my coffee and my numbers stay in line, but if I forget to test and treat before my coffee I always rise. The doctor tells me that the coffee shouldn’t cause a rise. I am proof that it does. I use Truvia and soymilk and as long as I treat myself for 10 carbs I stay in line. Good luck!

I drink two cups of coffee with half & half every morning. It took me a while to work out the ratios, but I knew that it defnitely was causing a rise. I thought it was from the coffee itself, but I found that drinking it black didn’t cause a rise at all. Eventually I settled on 5 carbs per cup. In fact, that was the first pre-set “favorite” I programmed into my PDM. (the second was BEER but we won’t talk about that! HA!)

Counting it as 15g of carb works perfectly for me. A cup of coffee with a little splenda and/or sugar free creamer spikes me roughly 40 mg/dL.

Christine…try an extended bolus, once you know how much insulin you need, Depending on my AM plans, I extend for 1/2 to 1 hour, taking in to account that the insulin will take 20 minutes or so to become active. Sometimes my coffee lasts me all morning but I haven’t experienced any lows dosing this way. Good luck.

I am so glad someone posted this question. I love my morning coffee, but gave it up a long time ago because I couldn’t seem to get the ratio for the creamer right. Seeing all the responses makes me think there is hope for me yet :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not to go off topic, but do you bolus for beer and/or wine? I was told not to but I feel like it normally seems to raise my BGs a bit. I also drink mostly darker style (porter/stouts) beer so that could be doing it. Any tips for a fellow beer drinker?? :slight_smile:

I do bolus for both. Whatever the carb amount. Unless I drink a lot, I don’t seem to experience the drop in BS that others do after drinking.

Gotta go decaf!
Caffeine has a dramatic effect on blood sugars for most people.
Heading out for Iced coffee right now!
De-caf, with blueberry, two sweet and low and skim. Keeps me in line as far as b/g goes.
Good luck!

I drink a ton of coffee. Never thought of a bolus for it. I drink it black and do not think I’ve ever had it mess with my BG.